Molecular Oncology

Delaying the aging by activating the telomerase with Ta-65 a study conducted by researchers of Sierra Sciences, Sciences of technical assistance, Geron Corporation, PhysioAge, among others, has managed to scientifically demonstrate the performance of en-65, an incredible natural compound capable of activating the gene for telomerase in human beings, a key element to delay aging and eternal youth promotingsay the researchers. In a normal cell is divided, lost fragments of Telomeres, which leads to a progressive decline in function and, finally, his death, a circumstance that could be avoided by increasing the levels of telomerase, an enzyme, i.e., a repair of the protein and lengthens Telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, whose function is the structural stability of these and directly affect the speed at which cells grow older and as Telomeres are shortened and weakened its structural integrity, the cells grow old and die more quickly. The activation of this enzyme might prevent the shortening of Telomeres, delaying or even stopped the process of aging. The activation of this enzyme could prevent the shortening of Telomeres, retarding the aging process. This can help treat degenerative diseases and immune system. The gene telomerase, but apart from this we all have. Astralagus root contains a compound that activates telomerase. The discoverers called TA-65. The biotechnology company that produces has created a 12 month course of therapy for use in a system called Protocol.6 Patton, and the Telomeres are measured during the treatment. This anti-aging company in California, who discovered it, available to all employees of more than 40 years of age this treatment. The disadvantage? There are no long-term studies, however, what their long-term effects are unknown. The cost of the treatment near $5000 per year and are demonstrable effects. Is It has been consumed since the year 2005 more of 500 people and no new cases of cancer or any other adverse effect reported. Perhaps someday could live forever, but for now these important scientific breakthroughs may help, and much, for the treatment of degenerative diseases and immune system. investigation complete with all types of data and experiments in rejuvenation research: A natural product telomerase activator as part of a program of maintenance of the health Maria Blasco, Deputy Director of basic research at the National Center of oncological research, Director of the program of Molecular Oncology and Chief of the Telomeres and Telomerase group leave clear in the video below are the lines that there is an investigation would be in this with what is It refers to the aging. Do not miss it. It is very interesting and very clearly explained. Delaying the aging by activating the telomerase with Ta-65 original author and source of the article.

Asia State

For the first time in the history of a civilization established a kind of "control" over all others. The evolution of household economic way of public predetermined fundamental restructuring of the entire system of legal relations. In the era of modern times was the formation of an entirely different civil society, which rejects the representation of body and on the contrary, presupposes civic equality and freedom, in contrast to the traditional in the preceding period of feudal, religious, and similar restrictions. It is understandable that such a reversal could be accomplished peacefully and painless. Therefore, to overcome the old order, the feudal regime resulted in a historic series of political revolutions. However, it should be noted that the first bourgeois revolution in the Netherlands and England were still in significantly associated with the religious quest, which were the consequences of the Reformation. In other words, the bourgeoisie in these countries could not yet in full voice on the need to declare the collapse of the old feudal state legal system. And only the French and American revolutions in the XVIII. already are the result of a purely political struggle for new social forces and state law rule. In the era of modern times political system has ceased to be a crucial element in the state-legal way (as it was during Antiquity and Middle Ages). The form of exercising power has become more dependent on the political regime, the which affect both subjective and objective factors. Therefore, in public and political life for a long time became the opposition of liberalism and dictatorship. The most characteristic phenomenon of the legal history of modern times has become comprehensive codification of the law. Codified law is almost universally prevailed over other forms of it, and has become a major codification through the implementation of state policy of reform and renewal of the legal system. New time finally established the dominance of Europe in the world. This resulted in the birth here of defining the state and the rights of new forms and institutions that have influence on political developments in other countries adopt new, more progressive principles of constitutional law, as well as the reception of Western European law. However, this dominance has been and negative side. The most powerful Western nations formed the XIX at. huge colonial empires in Asia and Africa. The struggle for dominance in the world in particular deformed state and political history of Europe, which eventually led to world wars and the end of this phase of history, as New time.

A Japanese Village

Acultura Jomon was then subdivides obeying 3000 B.C. KatsusakUbayama c.3000 – 2000 RECENT B.C. HorinouchiKasori c.2000 1000 FINAL B.C. Angyo (or Kamageoca, in Tohoku) c.1000 250 B.C. (nosul of Japan) (KIDDER, 1970 p.34) Alimentary Habits and Structure-Social the Jomon took a sedentary life and tinhamuma basic partner-structural organization, constituting membrosorganizados families of 3/4 in villages. Acaa of small animals, cervdeos (deer) and wild boars was empregue in largaescala, therefore these abundavam in mountains. Also it had the collection of frutoscomo chestnut and nuts, and the plantation of grassy,> (maize, sarraceno wheat, ssamo, and feijoeiro). It fishes it and the shellfish collection had constituted fatorimportante in the feeding of the Jomon. The so elementary rice the culinria japonesas will be implanted hundreds of years later, brought for other vagasmigratrias comings of China. 1. Ainus; The origin daconfuso! Current povoAinu is attributed to it as being the first inhabitants of Japan. However it is well probable quetenham these, constituted a migratory vacant well more recent +ou- in the IIIa.C century, come of the north for the Sakalinas islands and fixing itself only in the deHokkaido region necessarily at the same time where the Yayoi migravam for the south (Kyushu) crossing the strait of Korea. SEQ 3 Figure * ARABIC Indication of the respective vagascontemporneas of the Ainus to the north, and of the Yayoi to the South, Century III a.C The Ainus had found a bemestabelecida population already in Japan, that is, the Jomon. Very probably, foramassimilando the standards of the Jomon culture in such a way in agriculture how much in ceramics, even so divergent between itself the archaeologists nipes suggest that the interaction entreAinu and Jomon has occurred in a less brusque way of what if it can imagine. According to KIDDER, 1970, the assimilation entreessas two cultures would have occurred of harmonious form, even so has who afirmeque the shock between the two would have been violent.

Business Profitable

The best businesses are those that go unnoticed while are very profitable. The human being is characterized by not see neither microscopic nor macroscopic. It seems paradoxical, but it is so. When something is too large, it is invisible. At some point someone realized that the best thing that can happen to the gross domestic product (GDP) of a country, is that people may live as many years as possible. The advantages are: 1.-everyone is going to agree. (Who doesn’t want be long-lived?) 2. The people when they cling to life also cling to the money because they know that the last few years are low productivity, since they will be tired, sickly, short sight, deaf, slow. 3. The forward-looking austerity of the young adult includes great industriousness (workers are motivated, effective, compliant, fearful of a dismissal, obedient) and also includes life insurance, contribution to pension institutes, medical services prepaid and deposits in banks that they know how to pay with important gains. 4. The ailing and longevous elderly is someone who only consumed, preferably in the area of health, which hires labor-intensive directly (company services, physicians, nurses, administrative) and indirectly (locomotion, domestic service, plus all the consumption of those who work in the already mentioned direct care). Perhaps the person who noticed this phenomenon realized that the prematurity of the human species since the child and the young are large consumers because they are weak, fragile, dependent and filled with desires and needs is profitable, is equally profitable survival, by more artificial and of low quality that is, because a person, the more dependent ismore consumed, either because it has a body very longing (as children and young people) or vulnerable (such as elders). It is likely that many think that the increase in the average lifespan is an achievement of medical science who work very hard for the welfare of the species, when in reality is an achievement of economic sciences who work hard to maximize the profitability of capital. We agree that it is an achievement that deserves a round of applause anyway.


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The Rest

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Franz Klammer Foundation

A holiday on an emperor traces Need Bad Ischl, in the heart of Austria’s Salzkammergut region, this is possible. Recreation, sport, culture and untouched nature – the imperial city in the Salzkammergut region combines tradition with modernity. Bad Ischl is ideal for vacations and recreation, and over the year-round. Whether you’re strolling through the streets, which will visit Imperial Villa, relax in the spa or take the Emperor in the most famous pastry rest of the city – the diversity and uniqueness of this region thrill you again and again. The former imperial residence and spa resort of Bad Ischl is a spa town and is located in the southern part of Upper Austria. The term “resort” was this romantic city in 1920 given, 1940 Bad Ischl became a town. In the 19th Century, the Habsburgs chose this town because of the clear air and beautiful surroundings to the place of the imperial summer resort. At least 60 years for the Emperor Franz Josef spent every summer in Bad Ischl – then still “Ischl” – and thus a reasonableTradition, which today is still felt in many places. In the nearby woods, he could pursue his passion – hunting -. Here Franz Josef wrote not only the manifesto, “To my peoples,” but also celebrated in 1853 in the former Hotel Austria (now a museum of the city) the engagement of Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria, called Sisi. Tradition meets modernity Sports contemporaries come in Bad Ischl and its surroundings, both in summer and winter full on their account. The leisure activities ranging from sports challenges, such as the annual marathon to relaxing sleigh ride – always accompanied by the warm hospitality of the Salzkammergut. A special social highlight is the charity golf tournament in favor of the Franz Klammer Foundation. As was the Kaiser’s time to play in costume. For those who want to breathe in the culture, the “Night of the Emperor” in the magnificent park of the Congress and TheaterHouse Bad Ischl undisputed highlight. In this modern staging of the subject”Monarchy”, true historic imperial flair of the 21 accents Century. Here is, in addition to Kaiser fans, representatives of the Austrian nobility and celebrities from sports, business and culture asked twice to do a journey of the monarchy in the modern age. Also very popular is the Lehr Festival, which is reminiscent of famous names such as Lehar, Strauss and Kalman. Provincial Exhibition 2014 In the coming year will participate, under the title “The Salzkammergut” 13 communities in this regional exhibition. In each community, the scenery will of its most attractive side to present – both as an economic region as well as a cultural region. Bad Ischl will prepare an exhibition in the historic Pump Room, combined with a suitable program. Title of this exhibition: “Men, Myths, Monarchs.

Bare Mountain

If for Yves Lacoste the geography of the Third World is a geography of the discords, for we, northeasterns, Geography of the Polygon of the Droughts it is a geography of the desolation. It are of any determinista preintention, is difficult to deny the influence of the geographic way in the differentiation it growth. It observes the five regions where the Country was divided: While in the Region North it meets bigger hidrogrfica basin of the world, most northeast one is circumscribed to the Polygon of the Droughts, characterized for one isoieta of 600 mm. In its interior, runs some temporary rivers, except the San Francisco and the Parnaiba, whose basins would have to be excluidas of the Polygon, for constituirem very extensive humid areas. The rare ore occurrence also is limitante. We never had, here, a Bare Mountain range, a Carajs, a Basin De Campos, much less a layer of oil in Daily pay-Salt. But this does not say everything. The truth is that northeast economic history is associated with the phenomenon of the periodic droughts. as not yet it was possible to become the resistant nordetina economy the droughts, geography of this region she is estarrecedora, is of desolation. It can be defined dries as a drastic reduction of the pluviomtrica precipitation that costuma to occur in the northeast half provincial (the Polygon of the Droughts) the one that they are citizens, partially, the States that compose the region some cities of the North of Minas Gerais. Not to forget that 97% it Cear are enclosed in this Polygon. The incidence of this phenomenon verwhelms the agricultural production in the affected area, decimates the cattle and cause suffering to the population, that, then, if submits to the lack d' water, feeding and other restrictions, also the inaaceitvel death. But nor always the phenomenon assumes this characteristic. It has occasions where rains reach the historical average of the precipitation, however distribuida irregularally, with regard to the secular series.

Contract Translations

Contract translations in Germany in the different languages of the world. In an export-oriented country like Germany, apply immense amounts of texts which must be translated from German into the various languages of the world, but also from these languages into German. To do this, which belong to the maintenance manual or manuals of machinery and equipment, import or exported and for this purpose from German into English, Russian, Japanese, etc. must be translated. In this context there is also a high demand for certified translations are carried out by sworn and authorized translators. This type of translation is required in particular for different types of documents. To handle an international business, there is often extensive contractual foundations, which have typically a legal-oriented content. In translation agencies trained and qualified translators available, stand up the the Specialized translation of treaty texts. Often these language experts specialise already while studying technical legal content. This specialization is also important, as these contracts must be signed by both parties and in accordance with far-reaching consequences have. The contract translator German English, French German, Russian Norwegian, Spanish English so comes a great responsibility to. The translation agencies can usually have translators that specialize not only on contractual translations in General, but are within the topic focus “Contracts” certain types of contracts. Translation contract Norwegian German translation service contract Swedish English service contract text translation German Dutch loan contract translator English Turkish translation of leases by the Germans in the Spanish thing loan contract text translation Danish English donation contract Latvian translations German Finnish English translation contract of loan contract translations to translation agencies and translation agencies in beglaubigterbzw. confirmed form must be submitted. Generally taken on the part of the translation agencies on that contract translations are carried out by native speakers. For various occasions, for example the certification of contracts, be sworn interpreters required if clients or buyers from abroad are present. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents.

Japanese Cuisine

Despite its essential difference from any other cuisine, Japanese has long been a favorite and familiar to many Europeans. So that we can apply the traditional Japanese restaurant I: rolls, spicy rolls, warm rolls, sushi, gunkan sushi, sushi box, temeki, sashimi and various soups and desserts. Many people fell in love with Japanese food so much that they began to cook exotic dishes at home. At home, unfortunately, is not always possible preparation of certain dishes, for example, is not recommended to work with fresh, not processed fish. Well if you do decide to learn Japanese cuisine, we recommend you start with the simple – roll. So, check your arsenal It should include: capacity of cooking rice, bamboo mat for wrapping rolls, a very sharp knife with a thin blade to cut resulting in a subsequent roll, actually rice (most suitable kruglozernovoy), nori, rice vinegar, salt, sugar (the latter three ingredients needed for cooking sauce), wasabi and ginger. As the filling choose for the first time salmon or tuna, which can dilute the avocado ogrutsom, green onions, also a wonderful complement to a Philadelphia cheese. The first step – cook rice properly. In the end it must be 'sticky' so out of it clung to the land freely. So, after you cook the rice, necessarily need to cool down to room temperature – then it will be convenient and comfortable to work with him. Further, there is nothing complicated – just distribute the rice to the nori, leaving little space to later Wrap roll. Then it all depends on your imagination – fill the roll than your heart desires. The main thing to choose the right combination. Experiment! Welcome to our restaurant sushi boom, if you want quality dining or reap, your service is not only the finest Oriental cuisine, but also excellent service.