Corporative Education

5 FINAL CONSIDERAES the Corporative Education are an educational program directed toward the development of individual and organizacionais abilities, that has as mission to supply the reach of the organizacionais goals. Soon the corporative education is a program of training articulated with the organizacionais objectives that supply value to the organization. The Corporative Education has as characteristic essential its alignment with the strategy of the organizations. Soon for an effective model of Corporative Education it is basic that the necessities of the implantation of this program of training are defined, the planning of the program and the definition of the evaluation methods, beyond to be essential the comprometimento of the high direction of the company. evaluation of the programs of training is one of the activities most important in the programs of TD& E, associates to the creation of Systems of Corporative Education, therefore demands that all the previous stages have been planned and mesuradas. The great investments, depended for the companies in the Systems of Corporative Education, justify one detailed evaluation of the programs, a time that these are carried through, above all, with the purpose to add value to the organizations. Thus the Corporative Education in Brazil is if developing to each day, increasing with this the investments in programs of Training, Development and Education associates the creation of Systems of Corporative Education. However, the companies still need to apply methods of evaluation of performance of the programs, beyond to be imperative the envolvement of the leaderships in these systems of EC.