Global Marketing

International Marketing International Marketing and Global Marketing refers to marketing transatlantic business run by or through national borders. This strategy uses an extension of the techniques used in the company’s main country. According to the American Marketing Association on “International Marketing is a multinational process of planning and execution of the design, price, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, services to create exchanges that satisfy individual or organizational objectives. ” In contrast to the definition of multinational marketing only the word was added. In simple words international marketing is the application of the marketing principles across national borders. However, there is a transition between usually expressed by the international marketing and global marketing which are similar words. The crossing is the result of the internationalization process.Many authors are American and European international marketing by a trivial extension of export when the marketing mix is adapted in a certain way just to keep the differences in consumer segments. It follows that the global marketing takes a more standardized approach to global markets and focus on equality, in other words the similarities and consumer segments.

Global Heating

The Co2 is not toxic and is of course present in the atmosphere? but it is also a gas greenhouse (GH is its acronym in English) e, therefore a potential cause of antropognico global heating (AGW in English). Two sources how much to the global heating, one followed by the majority, of that the humanity must review its concepts and its operations immediately if she wants a level of better quality, and the American, Russian source exist and of other desenvolvimentistas small farms, that believe that the global heating independe of the activity human being. This article was a challenge, for you, that it reads in them, and for we, therefore were written contrarily to our thought, to show the importance of the choice of the monograph subject, that always must be made from what you if feel more to the will to choose, does not stop outrem pleasing it. The verbal arguments and the scientific summaries ' ' amicus curiae' ' , the favor and against, had never treated the basic subject: Is the Co2 the root cause of the current heating? Between who it supported position of the plaintiff if includes two Prizes Nobel in chemistry? although that this tactics can have a countyer-productive effect when the assistants of the magistrate discover that the two had demonstrated little ability in discipline excellent to the subject. The absence of a good science results evident in the searched carefully legal dispute regarding the situation. To support its affirmation of that the antropognico global heating will injure the Massachusetts, its associate general promoter, James Milkey, invoked the growth of the level of the sea and the loss of coastal lands, being based on a previous deposition but suggesting the court not to inquire on its mritos. All the available information sample that the levels of the sea in a global scope if had raised 400 feet since the peak of the age of more recent ice has 18,000 years. .