Travel Tip South Korea: Sleepless In The Land Of The Morning Calm

South Korea, a colorful country with centuries old temples and skyscraper cities of South Korea, a colorful country with centuries old temples, and cities, skyscrapers. Mysterious country of the old values and lived Confucianism as also determination and most modern visions of the future. The tourist paths have left still no path in the “land of the morning calm” and still include a good portion of discovery pleasure and endurance to travel away from the cities. Gyeongju, the capital of the ancient Silla Kingdom, ranks according to UNESCO among the top 10 of the most interesting open-air museums worldwide. A whole Millennium culture, religion and precious objects have accumulated here in the form of temples, pagodas and statues. In the Chuwangsan and Seoraksan and Odaesan parks attract hikes through wild rock landscapes and silent mountains, hot springs and ancient temples. The charming islands of the secluded Dadohae Haesang Marine Park invite with enticing beaches and traditional lifestyle to linger. In the bustling Seoul night is made the day and the overwhelming cultural offerings make too short each time you stay: in Seoul Korea for architecture, religion, politics, the arts, culinary and more heart. Not only culture – and nature-lovers, Scrimpers come in Korea fully at their own expense, however, the cuisine is varied, exciting and beautifully healthy. But is provided not only for the physical well-being. Those who can, should be unable to miss a multi-day ceremony in one of the many temples in the extraordinary landscape to participate., online specialist for travel in the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified, offers several trips to Korea. Our rice tip is the tour “Highlights of South Korea ‘s”, she offers not only the most beautiful stations of South Korea’s to, but also a stay on the subtropical Island Jeju. travel details /… Find more Korea travel under travel / korea_reisen.php news on AST is there is online specialist for travel in the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified. On the four travel portals,, and conveyed selected explorers travel to Eastern Europe, far East, Middle East, and Oceania.

Electronic Troubleshooting

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Education Psychology

Affective-sexual education has always been a controversial issue where it seems that nobody agrees when to delegate or take responsibility for this task. According to The Report Sexpol (Sexological Information Magazine, No 26, January-February 1999), 68% of adults in our country believes that the responsibility for childhood sexual principally the need to take / as parents. Only 10% believe that this task should be delegated to the / os teachers and 11.5%, to professionals. According to this estimate seems obvious to think that the majority of the population believe that the parents are prepared to educate their children sexually, however, the analysis of reality tells us something else. Initial 68%, 53% think that the best way to broach the subject is responding only to what is asked, while a small but significant 19% estimated to be teachers who address the issue in class. We agree that fathers and mothers should be the first and most binding references in the early years of the child, but we must ask ourselves the following questions if you want to be faithful to reality: – Did the parents are sufficiently prepared / as how to undertake this task along the whole evolution of the child? "For the particular role they play can they establish a true and sincere relationship of trust with their children for them to discuss their questions, fears and experiences? – Are open to embarrassing questions teens? – Will ask all? And those more quiet and shy, do you dare to ask their elders?, Did that mean they know everything? Do you dare to answer all your questions? – How to address the sexual queries raised?, Will they be sincere or will be mediated responses because the questions of the children can refer to their own attitudes, fears, intentions, tendencies and inclinations sex?. "If the questions are very specific know" give the right answer?, What if they do not know the answer?, Do you advise any specialists or documented serious?. These questions lead us to reflect on who we are educators, what role we have in store in this task of sex education, if we are sufficiently prepared, personally and professionally to address this issue, what we should be clear and beyond … what training we have in this regard. Both fathers and mothers as the rest of educators in general need to be trained correctly in order to become effective educators. However, there appears to be an academic gap and a pending issue in the formation of our sexuality. Much of the information received is reduced to talks at schools for parents, schools for coexistence, television … Most of our sex education, at least more explicit, is given to us through the media, mainly TV shows, particularly entertainment and reallity show, which provide visual basically biased information about different aspects of sexuality, although this applies mainly to emphasize the morbidity through reports, skechs, videos, lectures, clinics, … about the pros and biological aspect of sexuality in general. It seems therefore evident attempt to sort and prioritize the formation and maturation of the sexual dimension of educators by providing comprehensive information resources to be able to go when they need advice, referral to any person or papers on specific issues requiring their intervention .


It is impossible to try to imagine a modern city without the various taxi. It's really almost impossible, especially considering this fact, that including the owners of the cars on the streets often city tend to move as the riders, rather than as drivers. This greatly reduces the stress level, since the wheel is greatly increased responsibility, increased comfort travel. While we all know very well that classic taxi – makes a special option – not all customers to taste. Sometimes much more comfortable to use taxi service business in which the car will not appear as independent carriers. So rent a car looks like a taxi, and the client feels at ease. Also appears still a problem in modern society towards drive a taxi "to the bakery." Naturally, the work in a taxi without a special character at this point really requires a significant level of skill and create the most significant convenience. Since the additional advertising in the form on the back shashechek or color bulbs, which attract attention, such as taxi services can not have. The thing is impeccable level of quality work. Corporate taxi without shashechek – is currently one of the most popular ramifications, especially given that the service department not only provides transportation of passengers, but also a market, plants, and so on. In addition to taxi on holiday or to move the delegation – it is the best addressing the issue of transport and lack of special characters taxi firm provides a higher status ton for such an important event. Understandably, a taxi car business without advertising infliction always kept in excellent technical and aesthetically attractive condition. In addition, it is clear that business-class cars that are truly worthy of particularly expensive and dear visitors, even from abroad. At a constant cooperation with the firm providing the taxi cab business you absolutely enjoy all the benefits of using vehicles without symbols. Because they can use and transport in personal needs, and for the transportation business partners. In addition, for foreign representatives in the bulk of cases we can even arrange a tour escort in Moscow. Modern cars taxi – it is not catchy colors and placed a considerable amount of advertising. This elegant and solid luxury cars that provide the ultimate in comfort and pleasant on the outside appearance really solid car.

The Real

The profit after tax per share amounted to analog to the consolidated net income to EUR 0.37 (9 / 2008: 0.59 EUR). End of October 2009 the DIC asset AG increased its share of the DIC ONSITE GmbH by 25.1 percent to 100 percent. The DIC asset AG took over property and facility management in August 2006 by the Mannheim Fay Group 74.9 percent of their asset. Fay has sold its share of 25.1 percent, held so far on the DIC asset. That is the important and also productive Division fully integrated for the internal management of the real estate portfolio in the DIC real estate group, which for the DIC asset AG is also a permanent increase in income from this business. Ulrich Holler, CEO of DIC asset AG: With our sustainable business model and the operational strength of our management team, we have already reached our FFO forecast in the third quarter and are able to increase them significantly. The DIC asset is in the persistently difficult market environment also by the complete takeover of the DIC ONSITE good and stable.” For information about the DIC asset AG, as well as the 2009 nine-month financial report, on the Internet at. About DIC asset AG, the 2002 established DIC asset AG, based in Frankfurt am Main is a real estate company with exclusive investment focus on commercial real estate in Germany and yield-oriented investment policy. DIC asset AG’s real estate portfolio encompasses approximately 2 million m area, divided between 326 objects. The Real estate portfolio is divided into three segments: the core portfolio comprises longer-term own stock with stable and attractive rental yields. the value-added portfolio includes real estate with interesting value growth potential in the medium-term focus of the system; in the opportunistic co-investments are real estate investments with higher yield-risk profile to find out be placed after repositioning within an individual business plan. The assisted housing stock amounted to EUR 3.3 billion. The DIC asset AG has been listed since June 2006 in the SDAX. Press contact: Thomas Pfaff communication Hochlstr. 2 D-81675 Munich phone: + 49-89-992496-50 fax: + 49-89-992496-52 kontakt at