Red Roses

Seeks a love for your life: with great optimism mentioned finding a love for life, and living life for love, in which not only the idea that without love, there’s nothing, feels cold in the soul, is assembled and similes like, when the singer stays without love. A beautiful theme: I have today returned to find our love, everything is still beautiful just like when they were together, but everything is missing the presence of the absent couple. It is without doubt very romantic, very much in the fashion of 60 and 70, where the rupture of the couple suffered more, life goes on and you can never change, but they can not go back, because the decision is final, the heat, the love of the beloved couple seeks more, has a beautiful rhythm. Tell me how you been. After separating the couple asked one of its members, if it is happy, if you have a new friend, who the asks to return to his love, and that talk of what has found in his long walk. This theme of several melodic turns in a nice pace to the ear, make an exceptional composition of the Formulas of V, that make a unique work his way of composing, and in his way of expressing this breakup. While you’re away you from me, is an issue that highlights the true, but Sung love of a much more quickly than other topics of the Formulas V, has had several versions performed by them, and enjoys wide acceptance, and recalls his lyrics and music with ease, because it is very contagious. One of the topics that have more influence in the songs of the Beathles, is: now is that you want me, that letter, follows the melody, and has a few very significant melodic twists, of great musical homogeneity, really is a theme for the history of music, which does not lack any similes beautiful, and beautiful sound effects, and is very optimistic because it says that our love will never end. The love that I dreamed: with a very beautiful pace, with great sound effects of the time, they magnify the melody, musical arrangement, and the way to impose ideas, that money doesn’t matter, but he already has the love of your partner, you may not ask him more to life, because her partner lived for him, and will reciprocate that loveThat gray afternoon. Start the letter of Red Roses 14. I’ll send for you to forgive my mistake and that you understand my love Red Roses 14 every morning. They sealed the fate of these beloved young people, this topic very youthful, full of similes and pictures arouse a great majority of age in that group that today has filled our space more as there are several dozens of songs: two roads, soft as a caress, the prodigious Decade of Spanish music, had not only the V Formulas, but the Brincos, los Angeles, the mustang, los bravos, and other artists who were able to make this moment in Spain, and in Latin America, a musical, incomparable wealth, rhythms, ways of composing, similes, and effects in the music. Then, to remember 14 red roses, will continue arriving each day to your window, so you can always enjoy welcome music of the Decade prodigious., and our favorite group: Los Formulas V.