Puerto Rico

In this article I will do honour to one of my thesis (to complete natural medicine), which was titled the man should take care of yourself as if you were sick. This title is the key for not catching the virus A (H1N1). During the last few weeks I’ve been reviewing my country Puerto Rico press and international news and I’ve noticed that all health professionals are advised the same thing; not to visit public places not be necessary, disinfect hands regularly and not take your hands face, if you are sneezing cover with the forearm or a disposable towel, etc., etc., etc., and still not mentioning because everything that you heard it on radio, press and on the street constantly and want you to know that all these recommendations should be followed. But it happens that I have not yet read about any health professional who speaks about the real key to not becoming infected with this terrible virus; this terrible mutant. And the key to not becoming infected is precisely in care as if you were already infected with the virus A (H1N1). Take care of yourself as if he was sick! Unfortunately traditional medicine does not provide the means of prevention to professional level. Your doctor may not prescribe an antiviral medication to a patient who does not have a virus, already that the use of this medication is harmful to health. For this reason the physician has to wait that the patient spread is with the virus then having the authority and protection in law for risking other organs of the patient with the use of the drug. While it is true that the medication could kill the virus, it does be less true that it can affect other healthy organs. But I must clarify you can not blame the doctor for your recipe, the it is fulfilling its duty, is responsible for that prescribed the patient who cannot be cared.

Asia And Europe

Europe – is part of the world, located in the Northern Hemisphere. Together with Asia, Europe, forms the mainland under the name of Eurasia. The plot in Europe is around 10.5 million km2. Traditionally, the conditional border of Europe by land spend along the eastern foothills of the Ural, the Emba River and Kuma-Manitskoy lowlands. From Asia Europe separated the Dardanelles and Bosporus, and from Africa, Europe separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. Europe by the Atlantic and the North Arctic oceans, as well as their seas: the Black, North, Baltic, Adriatic, Ionian. Often is referred to in Europe and the Caucasus. Europe is the most divided part of the world. Peninsula is 1 / 4 land. The largest of these are: Kola, Scandinavian, Iberian, the Apennine, Balkan. Island is about 730 km2. The highest point – this is Mont Blanc. Its height is 4807m. In most of Europe's climate moderate in the west it – oceanic in the east – continental, with snow and frost in winter, on the northern islands – subarctic and arctic in Southern Europe, Mediterranean climate. The largest rivers of Europe are: Volga, Danube, Dnieper, Don, Pechora, Northern Dvina, Rhine, Vistula, Elbe, Oder, Rhone, Loire, Tagus. By the great lakes of Europe are: Ladoga, Onega, Lake Peipsi, Vanern, Lake Balaton, Geneva. In Europe there are about 729 million people. Asia considered to be a big part of the planet. Along with Europe, Asia, Eurasia continent makes. Asia is separated from North America, Bering Strait separates it from Africa, the Suez Canal and Red Sea and separates Asia from Europe straits Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. Conditional continental border with Europe is on the East Urals and the Caspian Sea. Together with the surface of the Caspian Sea covers it mln.kv.km. 44.4 This represents 30% of the mainland area Land. The territory of Asia include many of the peninsula – is the Arabian, Indian, Indo-China, Asia Minor, Taimyr, and the island – Malay, Filipino and the Japanese archipelago. In Asia, the highest point of the planet Everest, whose height reaches 8848 m and the deepest point – this is the Dead Sea, which reaches 405 meters below sea level. The climate is changeable from Asia and sub-polar lar in the far north to the tropical, very wet in the southeast and Tropical very dry in the southwest. Most parts of Asia – a continental climate. In Asia, home to 3.4 billion people. This represents approximately 60% of the population of the earth. Much of Asia's population – representatives of the yellow and white races. About 90% of the population is in south-east Asia and the expanse of alpine and desert areas are uninhabited. The largest rivers of Asia are: the Yangtze, Yellow River, Ob, Irtysh River, the Mekong, Lena and the Yenisei. In Asia, there are largest lake, among them: the Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Lake Baikal, Lake Balkhash. Asia is the birthplace of great religions: Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

Japanese Motifs

And sometimes in the forms of water, too hiding some sort of mystery and symbolism with its special meaning. Applying this knowledge in today's small garden on the full implementation of the Japanese style, of course, talking is not very serious. But we are able to use some of its Japanese motifs. That is a Japanese garden at his site, or you embody all, or devote to him only a fragment of your existing space or territory. Wall space required in the room and place interior of the Japanese. " According to this style can be drawn inside a neat yard, some details of decorating your home, keeping all these achievements mood. Determinants in the shape of the courtyard will serve as grayish color of natural stone, as well as shades of green foliage of ornamental trees and shrubs. A place of contemplation, solitude or rest from the bustle outside and have a distant world separates the high fence. Evergreen trees Here are dominant. Path from the gravel will lead you to a simple but unusual bench of stone, some of which are low ornamental shrubs. Of course, those who are accustomed to a Japanese tea party, is required symbolic spot where you can hold a tea ceremony. Special knowledge on gardening from here you do not need, and does not take much time. The main thing – it's compliance measures. On a platform of wood, straw mat spreads itself Corner separated from the total area of bamboo fence, through which meanders honeysuckle.

Family Secrets

We all exist in a community of individuals where we are surrounded by members of our society – friends and enemies, colleagues and acquaintances. Communicating with people we most of his life to turn him – who called whom to by name and surname – depending on the situation and the degree of familiarity. And yet we rarely remember that any member of society is the only carrier of a unique attribute – his surname, first name and patronymic. Probably not a clear understanding of the history of their name and their immediate owner. His name faceless bored on sheets of many official and unofficial papers, living together with a host of his life's path – and it is likely not aware of their true meaning. Name and surname of the man will survive longer than their owner, and he, perhaps, never learns of them rooted in the sense. There is information and they have a scientific basis, that the name of the individual may have an impact on his fate, predestined emergence momentous events in human life. Affect the situation under force any of us – just need to delve into the history name, secret name, and possibly some of the important substantive issues will find the answer themselves. Over the life crush few studies on the origin of its own name – as a matter of fact, this subject is rather complicated, any name has its own non-trivial secret origin, rooted in the depths of centuries. Personal data of the person going through many processes and global conflicts, followed by changing and improving, buying new shades of meaning and pronunciation. Having attained its ultimate meaning and pronunciation, as a rule, the name of a person passed a complex and arduous process of historical transitions, getting us in the final state. Reveal the secret of Name Rights allow the special web sites designed to study the origins of names. Site mysteries of man – one of the portals of this type. It highlights in detail general problem of the origin of names. In addition, the above site offers free information on the origin and meaning of many of the specific names of – the database of the resource is replenished all the time. Immediately You can find information about walking next to each individual processes and situations that play an important role in his life, and characterize a variety of situations in life – dreams and charms.

CMS Joomla

cms Joomla! – Is a specialized software, using which you can create excellent modern web-sites of any complexity with all necessary functions, while not having any special knowledge in web-programming. And to get on this platform more extensive concept, I propose to move immediately to the consideration of all advantages and amenities that it can offer you. The very concept of cms, if you decode it with the English language means "content management system", that is, as stated in your tasks will include only the organization of site content without worrying about how to define the functions implemented in the code. By the way, the basis for cms Joomla! is php programming language and to organize the databases used MySQL. cms Joomla! is an improved descendant of Mambo – one of the first content management system, which has gained high esteem for its performance and ease of operation. To develop cms Joomla! Great efforts were a huge number of web-masters around the world, and at no cost, over its name and bother branding serious professionals. For all these factors, we can say that the cms Joomla! got quite a fair name, translated from an ancient language as a "together". Using this platform is free, so you can freely use it for their needs. In this case, cms Joomla! never ceases to improve with each passing year it grows more and more functionality that should please use it saytostroiteley. So, let's see any possibility we can implement in their site using the cms Joomla!, and what advantages it may have to please: You can not conceive how, in what operating system to implement this platform, since it is the best way "" with virtually anyone. No no restrictions on the amount of information you wish to present to future visitors, so create as many pages and sections. If you suddenly need to change the look of the site, then you only need to change the main template, all content will not undergo the slightest change. Management rights of your guests to view information, registration, and adding comments is organized quite simply and clearly. is provided and the prospect of further promotion, so for every single page you can enter in the special fields peculiar to her meta tags. You can also set up some automation, based on which the selected information will be removed from the publication or the opposite, added to any calendar days. Guest books, galleries, forums, polls, chat rooms and mini-chat – all of it is also quite easy to add and configure. So, with the cms Joomla! you obviously do not get bored, and even more so you will not worry about what could not implement any of their wishes.