Mail Service

Gallen, 90 million items on the MS Mail Service AG the MS group is the leading service provider for marketing and shipping trade in the Switzerland. As an outsourcing partner of customer-oriented company, MS is a powerful centre of competence with holistic approach and focus on innovation and customer needs. The entire value chain of modern direct marketing is mapped and customer-oriented modulated with tools for acquiring new customers, client binding systems, Databasemanagement, customer care, and fulfillment solutions including customs clearance. Each service can individually or integrated into claim be made. The MS Group sales amounted to CHF 2008 over 80 million, employs 500 employees. CEO of MS Mail Service AG is lic. Jur. HSG Milo plunger. About the Swiss letter market the letter in the Switzerland, PostMail is part of the dominated by the Swiss Post. 2008, Swiss Post according to business report was 2.68 billion addressed letters. According to the postal regulation authority, which is an share of 99.9%. As of 1 April 2006 the first liberalisation step was with the limitation of the mail monopoly on letters up to 100 g weight, to July 1, 2009 the 50 g limit has been lowered. Thus, according to postal regulation authority, are 25% of shipments outside of the monopoly and can be delivered by private providers. If private providers regularly and professional transport addressed letters over 50 g for third parties and revenue of at least CHF 100’000.-to get a MWSTpflichtigen, they need a licence. So far 7 companies have received in the Switzerland a concession for the transport of letters, without however dedicated offerings for the transport of letters.

Picassa Parrot

Parrot has presented officially in Spain his new team, a quadricopter that can be controlled with mobile phones, communicating with each other via wifi. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is the second version of what can be considered as a super-accesorio of cellphones that goes beyond. For starters, we control it while flying, but it is that it also includes a high-definition video camera to enjoy much more. Another of its characteristics is the new finish, which makes it more resistant to downturns, which is very common in the use of such devices to monitor its operation. The application of pilotage AR.FreeFlight 2.0 allows players to record their own videos and photos of flight in HD and store them in the memory of your smartphone or tablet and share them with the AR community.Drone through Youtube or Picassa. The game system is very simple. After loading the application of pilotage AR.FreeFlight 2.0 on a smartphone or Tablet with iOS or Android, the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is connected to the device via Wi-Fi.Once connected, all instruments onboard appear on-screen, as a cockpit. Pressing a few seconds of lift-off lights four brushless motors and the ar drone 2.0 takes off. To fly are placed thumbs on both sides of the screen and appears a control button beneath each one has of two housings made with material used in the manufacture of bumpers for cars, making them resistant to knocks, they are lightweight and are designed to protect the more delicate parts of the quadricopter for falls from high heights. The ar Drone 2.0 comes equipped with the Flip function in order to add some excitement to flights. A three-axis accelerometer, a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis magnetometer and a pressure sensor give the Parrot of great stability. The new parrot is very easy to handle, only a little time is needed to pick up slack and have something of dexterity to control the device, which allows to make loops and other maneuvers, so users can feel pilots from the first moment. The HD camera that incorporates allows record flights in real time and store them in the memory of the phone, and instantly share on social networks.

Commercial Resolution

Business resolutions may be bargains not only individuals, but also traders are always looking for a business resolution. Whether here now is a business resolution of Hamburg or another, but doesn’t actually matter. If the price is right, then it also might, a trader from the southern region or from other European countries look around after a business resolution of Hamburg.Liquidations are booming again. Often, especially when it comes to larger items, shipped the goods by truck with a shipping company and you have a certain amount of overhead in this case as a buyer while, but it saves lots of time and fuel costs partially. Thus one comes as a buyer in this case may even very cheap new goods. If it is Hamburg at a business resolution a great inventory, is to sell it, then it can also be good, that various special items dealer here try to get the entire stock at a good price. The sellers are often forced to settle on a fairly low price because either the time is missing, all individually to sell or but a fairly high amount of debt must be wiped as quickly as possible in such large items. Such plights of course benefit from the dealer and try to force down the price. As everywhere in the whole country, so also in Hamburg some businesses that close their doors and were all of their remaining and the establishment of sell it year after year. You will appear under the search term business resolution Hamburg on the Internet and in the newspaper. Who so seeking a resolution of such trade Hamburg, which is typically also looking for the one or the other bargains. Often, there are individuals who become so looking for cheap deals, but many a business owner, which closes its doors, also his entire stock as items sold to others Dealer.

Sahara Africa

It could be argued that a nuclear war does not exist as possibility as does not exist between the great dying powers. The conflict possibilities could be in the northeast of Asia, in sub-Sahara Africa or in the belt of it breaks euroasatico, everything turning in this last on the crisis Palestinian-Israeli, the Iranian nuclear race and in smaller case conflict of Lebanon. In the northeast of Asia it is evident that we talked about to the Korean conflict and in smaller degree to the permanent Chinese reclamation on several islands under Japanese dominion and not solved problem between China and Russia on the Kuriles islands. The Chinese reclamation on Taiwan we create will be solved by the route of the dialogue. In Sub-Sahara Africa there is a potential for located wars. Thence it operates To the Qaeda and the listing of nonviable States is long, as well as the one of conflicts that have extended therefore time that we can well speak of chronic diseases. It is obvious that the problems exceed to geopolitics, like the drug trafficking, the terrorism, the climatic change or the still burbujeante economic crisis, but we have insisted on which in the world in transition the old woman conceptions of power must be taken into account. There are geopolitical global problems including in the determination of zones where the extreme poverty leads to political instability. The recent events of Tunisia – still inmedibles in its possible contagion they make ask us to us on destiny of " theocracy of poder". In Latin America some border problems of long data do not seem worrisome as far as warlike confrontations that we know inclusively if they explode last very little. In terms of duration the Bolivian reclamation from an exit to the sea does not indicate, including by Bolivian leanness, the possibility of armed conflict.