Claudia Hussmann

Other behavior you want but that your dog then shows exactly, if you give him the signal – such as for example when sitting down. The puppy should do it if you tell dogs learn basic hands much more easily than words. In contrast to us humans, they communicate mainly through body language, not vocalizations. But they can learn the meaning of certain words and link them with a particular course of conduct. The fastest that is when the puppy has already learned the behavior and you the Word shortly before the behavior say. If your puppy has for example five times was rewarded for sitting down, the likelihood that he will be back, is very large. You say now every time, if it makes institutions to put “Seat”, it will connect the two things very quickly with each other. Of course, you should reward your puppy often. You can take a small test after several repetitions: Legend “Sit” without you to move and if your puppy had something completely different in mind than sitting down. What happens? The kid sits down – super, congratulations congratulations – or he looks at you blankly. That’s not bad. Repeat the above exercise just a few more times and try again. But he does not always if you think that your puppy can now sit on the signal “Seat”, unfortunately I must disappoint you. You’ll quickly find that it works wonderfully without distraction. But once a leaf flies, drives a car passing by, children run or he sees his dog play buddy, it’s been not far with the ‘seat’. What is it? Dogs learn very ambient and generalize very badly. Why must you the “Seat” now on possible do many places with various distractions. Best you overreacting so slowly that your puppy always manages to put the distractions. Want it times doesn’t work, help him with hand signals or treats. The distraction was then still too big. Believe me, the puppy makes it not so not to upset you, but because he still can’t do it in this situation. If you change your focus and look at the things that you like and you rewarded them exactly, you can educate simply and with lots of fun conclusion your puppies. It needs neither suppression nor violence or coercion. I hope that more and more people recognize and deal with their dogs. Yet a closer approach here is explained. Claudia Hussmann

The Pool For The Own Garden

Selection, operation and maintenance of swimming pools is an important thing. A wading pool in the garden is the dream of many home and garden owners and in this day and age it should be no problem, to realize this wish. Instead visit the crowded outdoor swimming pools in the warm season, you can create is an own romantic small oasis of well-being with a swimming pool where you can relax after a stressful day. The design of the pool area may last but not least be extremely diverse due to the many different forms in which swimming pools are available. Particularly popular is in addition to the L-shape, kidney shape but also round or rectangle pools are available in the trade. In addition, you have the choice between steel wall pools, above ground pools up to a high-quality swimming pools depending on the budget amount and claim. The easiest way is the film pool that practically by itself done the installation where water is filled into the slide and rises to the edge with increasing height itself. You get this pool up to about 5.5 meters in diameter. Maintaining good water, a new filling is not necessary in the current season, he should however drained at the end of the bathing season, clean and safely stored. They tend to a permanent placement of the pool, you have the choice between a set above ground pool or a pool which can leave in the ground, lifting out a hole earlier. For this purpose, special metal or plastic trays are available. The model of the tiled pool is luxurious but also expensive. So that you can enjoy at their pool, missed is definitely not a tarpaulin to overstay after every bath in the evening, so that water quality is maintained and ends up not leaves or other in the pool. The water should be do not only look clean, but mainly also free of bacteria and Keimem. To ensure this you not do without chlorine, which is also available in tablet form.

Small Entrepreneurs

The positioning in the network conyeva a series of extra efforts that can assume 80% of productive time for these entrepreneurs. Know that we face can make the difference between success and failure. Formerly businessmen were preoccupied by the State of the roads so that your goods arrive or by employees in revuletas Marxists sabotage. Not so long ago the free competition played a determining role in the development of many businesses and new technologies definitely meant a turning point in the way of working of the companies. A small emrpeario now must have a spherical control of all matters of your business. You should not simply know computers if he is dedicated to its sale. You should know to be proficient in Marketin, logistiva, finance, macroeconomics, international trade, administrative law, taxation and accounting, English, Office, human resources, commercial work so much more. This is one investment overemphasized in the absence of money or time if we delegated the work to other specialists. Then What we are talking about is that the barriers to entry to new small businesses, with the era of technology, have increased substantially. Planning and good advice can be a bright idea to failure or success. In particular, one of the greatest enemies of small-scale entrepreneurs is to conquer the competitive world of the internet positioning. The difference appear first in google search results may involve thousands, even millions of euros. This work is not an esacta science since nobody knows with esactitud methods that use search engines to display your results. To which the race engineer was told that to become an entrepreneur should become journalist? The author is the Director of Asesoramiento Online, pioneer in Online counseling services.


The services sector due to the ease with which you can start a business, attracting many businesses and is the fastest growing part of the economy. Life in the next century will differ significantly from the life today. The rapid growth of knowledge will always cause a change, with an increasing rate and is mainly due to komptorizatsii. Ambitious entrepreneurs need to understand trends in the industries to better prepared for the use of emerging opportunities in high-, medium-, low – and low-tech industries. Search for new business. Future entrepreneurs can do their own business in one of two ways: acquiring an existing company or creating a new venture. But to select one of the ways entrepreneurs have to answer the question: "What business should I do?". A reasonable answer would require Business careful consideration, as their own opportunities and industry trends. Buying an existing business involves less risk than a new enterprise, since in this case can be estimated past successes and failures. For example, the buyer can see the balance sheets, calculate inventory, test equipment and allow entrepreneurial habits. To determine the price existing enterprise perspective buyer can use the method of estimating net profit, or method of valuation of assets. A method of estimating profit is more accurate, since the aim of future profits, the method of assessment assets only consider assets, not counting their profits. To create a new business from the outset is more attractive than the acquisition of the company. They prefer their own products or service, its own employees, suppliers, want to choose the location, etc.

Council General

2 Shall be subject to financial aid: the amounts actually expended in payment of courses or studies, excluding payments of fees for issuance of securities and/or certificates, made by the beneficiary in universities, study centres, language schools or with autonomous teachers. The amount paid for fees mandatory for official examinations, is justified by the passing the test. The amount paid for teaching materials for the conduct of the activity. The costs incurred to carry out the training action in concept of travel, room and Board, provided that the activity is carried out, necessarily, in different city to the domicile of the applicant. For the liquidation of these indemnities shall apply the same criteria governing settlement of compensation by reason of service in the field of continuous training of the judiciary school. 3 Supports be funded to chapter IV, concept 484, of the 111.O programme of the budget of expenditure of the Council General of the judiciary for the year 2011, for a maximum amount of 130,000. Second. 1. Summon aid for the financing of training activities sponsored or promoted by judicial associations, are aimed at members of the Judicial career, carried out between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011. 2. These grants are funded from chapter IV, concept 483, of the 111.O programme of the budget of expenditure of the Council General of the judiciary for the year 2011, amounting to a maximum of 60,000 euros. Requirements seekers third.