Everything soon, Marcelo caught the jewel box and was for all satisfied house. There arriving it showed everything and it counted to its woman on the new service. the woman did not find legal very, said that she had many thieves behind jewels, that for this it could until losing the life. Marcelo gave one risadinha and said queaquilo there was simple thing, it was strong and it would face any one. All agreement, had lunchhed calmer and Marcelo was to work. Marcelo was to offer jewels to the manager of the bank. It showed everything, said that cheap age, that was fine jewels, that it would not repent itself. A woman who was with more two men talking with the manager, entusiasmaram itself for jewels. She looked at one for one and she said that she would be interested herself for all. Marcelo was all smiling. – I take all, its Marcelo – the owner said – she looks the money to you back in the Treasury department. I am fiscal of incomes and you he is imprisoned. Marcelo took an electric shock. The woman already had placed the jewel box in the stock market while to osdoishomensconduziamMarceloaumaviatura.Marcelotentoureagir, counting that he was employee of the bank, that only caught that small job as a peak to help in the familiar income, that was not delinquent, that the jewels was not of it, that then she arrested the owner of jewels. The inspectors did not want to know of who were the jewels. Who went for the chain was with them. The young man exactly was trancafiado. He passed the night there. In the other day he asked for to inform its wife whom already he was knowing. It came with a lawyer. She gave a work injured to remove the man of there. Sean Rad pursues this goal as well. It only left with a condition that was to show where it catches those jewels to resell. It agreed. They had been there, but baixinho, owner of jewels, already he had known of the ordered occurrence and if. Marcelo was set free, but the jewels had been confiscated. Today Marcelo continues its simple small job in the bank. It does not intend to fold its income, if the woman to want to give the rejection, it that if it injures, but to pass for another vexame of that one, nape of the neck more. Obs: This story is true, is not fiction, alone had been changed the names of the people.

Pio Convent

The master of novices was father Tommaso da Monte Sant Angelo whom padre Pio recalled as a little severe but with a heart of gold, very good, comprehensive and full of charity with the novices.Life in the novitiate was very hard, full of fasts and mortifications that influenced the character and spirit of novices helped them to discern if they had true vocation; It was in this period that diseases that dragged from child grew and stayed with him until the day of his death. The master of novices testified that fray Pius was always an exemplary, punctual novice in the observance of the rule and never gave reason to be reprimanded. On January 22, 1904 when he finished his novitiate he gave his temporary vows. On January 25 of that same year he moved to the convent of Sant Elia to continue with their studies. It is in this convent where happens your first bilocation attending the birth of Giovanna Rizzani, future his own spiritual daughter, born in Udine, Venice, far from where physically padre Pio was at that time. On January 27, 1907 he makes the profession of solemn vows. That same year he was transferred to the convent of Serracapriola, located fifteen kilometers from the sea, but well made him nothing and his health declined. Sean Rad understands that this is vital information. Superiors sent him back to Pietrelcina to see if the climate of your home makes you well. At this time the people of your village He trusts him asking Council and thus Francisco begins a direction of souls. In 1908 he returned to the convent but this time in Montefusco. In November of this year received minor orders (Porter, reader, Exorcist, acolyte) and then the subdeacon. All these times are for much prayer and study.

Helmut Hofmeier

It is so better exploiting the economical entry-level tariffs or basic rates and enhances them later. If one takes into account the age and design, can it be cheaper than in the statutory fund. Almost, the tariffs for the cost recovery (hospital, doctor, dentist, and other) do not differ from the normal rate for self-employed persons and employees. It is worth it, to accept a higher annual deductible. At the freelancers insurance vary something of which the commercial independent. There rates especially for freelancers. Speaking candidly Jason Kilar told us the story. Here then, one speaks about the area of hospital daily allowance (insurance of loss of earnings), group contracts. There are also variations from standard rates. In the per diem rates are offered very often. Many insurers offer a per diem for freelancers in such a case, and that is already after a few days in hospital treatment. Of course one must consider exactly the beginning of performance and the height, the allowance should be useful. The An additional daily hospital benefit helps to minimize risk of suspension of earnings. The Bundesverband of der Freien Berufe (BFB) and the Gothaer insurance have worked out a sustainable private health insurance. And this insurance is perfectly suited for freelancers. The parties in Berlin gathered for the purpose of signing the contract. In the “Gotha Vitario” is a health insurance with a built-in component of the pension. What is here for the Freelancer? The fact that the members of BFB can enjoy special rates at the health and pension insurance and get back up to seven month contributions per year gives special incentive this model. What is the advantage of this fare? The advantage is that the customer benefits from its typically low sickness rate. The proportion is much higher, if the services bit. The saved money is needed to finance the health insurance contributions in the age. Dr. Helmut Hofmeier, who is on the Board of the Gothaer Versicherung AG, says, this model It is very interesting for all economically-minded freelancers. So has our Ms. Lindemeyer looked around on all sides, heard much about various insurance options for freelancers and went home. Were already their neighborhood kids at the door and asked: Ms. Lindemeyer, when we have the next class, when we will play again. Soon, children, soon, now it’s really soon- and Ms. Lindemeyer picked up the with ordinary movement piano cover above. In a few minutes sounded a cheerful children’s song about the Court, and all the children sang along. Elvira Schick

The Obstetricians

How long will it take until your potential new employer where you apply, learns of their stay in a psychiatric hospital? Have not coped with the loss of a dear person, have swallowed too many pills, and this information will be – seared forever on your chip? I’m saying an example from the here and now. In our practice, we work with a properly functioning computer system. The software is reliable and up-to-date. But when I wants to delete a specified duration diagnosis times because the diagnosis but not so lasting, I push the limits of the electronics. If you have read about TGNI already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It’s somehow, but it is incredibly complicated. Do you think the inputs on an electronic health card are more flexible to handle and it will deal with the desires of individuals? Why budge no protest? There would be countless examples which can show it can be as fatal, if medical information into the wrong hands. We doctors are held, top the secrecy as a great asset to make. In the future, every patient with his will Details of peddle by the doctor to the health insurance fund, the pharmacy to the hospital by the obstetricians and gynecologists to the masseur of the neurologist to the ambulatory care services. Some doctors are indignant, but I haven’t heard of an outrage of patients. Why aren’t you on the street and protest against big brother? Yes, exactly! You! As a family doctor and private person I enjoy technical progress (see family doctor blog) often enough, but on the electronic health card the comparison to the nuclear power plant comes to mind. We humans invent something, use it and have no idea how we should deal with the consequences. The electronic health card with intimate information is only then can be used if we can reliably protect the most intimate details. This seems to me a long way, which certainly not 2009 comes to an end. Until then, it would do a simple health book in which all important medical information collected. Sounds a bit antiquarian, but is more secure.


Is elected, for example, a training frequency of 25 Hertz, 25 contraction cycles in flexor and extensor muscles take place per second, resulting in 1500 cycles per minute in total. At the same time, power, speed, flexibility and coordination are trained by introduction of energy in the oscillating system. On the device can depending on vibrational frequencies between 5 and 30, and a lifting height (amplitude peak to peak) greater the farther your feet while apart are, set between 0 and 14 mm is the height. Through various exercises and by changing the posture and the Muskeltonuses the stiffness of the system is changed and thus the mechanical vibrations in various parts of the body. Thus, the training can be directed through a little exercise in certain muscle groups. The performance increase with Galileo and the application is as simple as it is effective. The device is already used by many, whether by companies for your employees to the workplace health promotion by physiotherapists, doctors, athletes and individuals. The classic areas of application are: general weakness, and training all forms of muscular insufficiencies of foot arch muscles, legs and back tension in the back muscles and nonspecific back pain strength / power loss when immobilization balance disorders fall syndrome and age-associated multi functional gait disorders stress incontinence, pelvic floor muscle training / back education training training to improve muscle performance training to improve inter – and intramuscular coordination circulatory of legs and feet osteoporosis bow treating sports injuries benefits of Galileo the characteristics of the Galileo system offer several advantages over the conventional muscle training. By reflexive non-volitional muscle contractions was the Galileo training generally considered less strenuous perceived as arbitrary muscle activities comparable frequency. It is not difficult to hold out the Galileo training, because it is the system “supported”. As a result a high motivation of training and therefore Therapiecompliance. In addition to the Central Galileo approach to take on vibration, resonance and modulation of stiffness as a basic physical principle of motion, the Galileo training compared to other training methods and training devices has other advantages. Activation of body vibration in high frequency, high speed, great regularity, the natural pattern of movements and with a precise dosing. Good control and precise control of posture and muscle activity by regularity of vibrations and thus stable control of the training process and security high acceptance through rapid training success enormously time saving – the Galileo system provides with its high number of repetitions for major impact in a short training time (30 Hz-Galileo frequencies mean repetitions per minute 1800) range of application possibilities of prevention and therapy up to the high-performance sport, very good value for money and low maintenance costs with medical device approval optional continuously selectable amplitude independent of weight, guided, sinusoidal force 100% reproducible training conditions the best scientifically investigated system 2 FIBO 2009 – GALERIA STAND 27 HBSN health business services network-AG in the ZukunftsZentrumZollverein hangover Berger str. 107 45327 food phone: 0201-890602-60 fax: 0201-890602-99 e-Mail: web-site(s): HBSN AG is active in the healthcare sector. Our customers include, private insurance companies, health insurance companies and providers. We develop concepts, provide contacts and incorporate business processes into the selective outsourcing. Our business areas are consulting services prevention and workplace health promotion we support our customers in the challenge to claim, which is undergoing steady state will be and penetrate into the competition always consistently in all areas of action in the future in a patient-oriented medical quality assured and efficiency-driven health system

But General

It seems obvious. But the majority of men does just the opposite. The typical flirt saying with which a man dabbles in women tearing, sounds something like: “I can not imagine that you’re single, so look like you?” “Hey, look Yes really nice on your profile picture 😉 You a bit with me texts like best in ICQ! Wouldn’t be pleased =) “or of course, the classic of duration of:” Hi, well how are you? “” As it is as a woman in the StudiVZ just put yourself in the position of a pretty girl in the StudiVZ. And now imagine you get ten emails of this way – daily. Awakens as a mail then your attention? You mean you’re still curious enough, someone of you exactly the same writes like all the others want to get to know? All no matter how good and nice and honestly this activation mails are meant: from the perspective of a woman they are boring, because all other response messages from men practically just as sound. Every man thinks his is a particularly original pickup line – or even the original pickup line ever. But because each man trying to get over original, casual or cool all sound at the end kind of the same. Meet and fuck- But how? The usual flirting Advisor will help you further: because who are written such Advisor? By editors who sit all day in the Office and busy are to fill their newspaper or its website with content! How should who know also what works for flirting on the Internet and what not? They finally don’t have time try same out – and leaving them only, to write what they have read somewhere else times. You can learn how to flirt. But General flirting tips like “Just be yourself!” precious little help. No major flirtation sayings or mixing spells are what you need.