Vernissage On 10.12.2010 –

in the Berlin eighty Gallery for contemporary art Vernissage: 10.12.2010 at 19:00 Group exhibition: 11.12.2010-08.01.2011 at the new exhibition of contemporary art “Berlin eighty Galerie fur zeitgenossische Kunst ( is the title of program.” Oil paintings and sculptures of young contemporary artists, can rightly be regarded as the representatives of contemporary art on the basis of the thematic and technical diversity of their works will be shown. So, the paintings and sculptures of Dorothea Walker (Berlin Steglitz), Sonja Tines'(Munchen), Holger Friedrichshain (Berlin), Matthias Merdans (Zurich), Marita Wiemers (Ludwigsfelde/Jutchendorf), Ellen Wolters (Berlin), Nils farthing (new Leipzig school) and Diana Achtzigs (Berlin) in high artistic manner reflect the themes that move the young contemporary art scene. Details can be found by clicking Discovery Communications or emailing the administrator. The heterogeneity of our time is reflected in the imagery of Dorothea Walker. Time and again, the artist feels small After her great stories lead to details. These stories vary basic themes of human existence: it is guilt and innocence, to good and evil, yet appear understood these dichotomies constantly changing and so the fallacy of such terms lead the viewer into the 21st century in mind. Your pictures tell stories that are fabulous, yes sometimes down dive into the depths of old or new myths, as for example in the work also the victim of the angels could move the Sun not to reverse”(oil on canvas, 180 x 230 cm, 2010). The basic tone of their works is consuming sadness, despite the sometimes intentionally kitschy colours an all. The viewer encounters here”the haunting world view of a young artist, who says of himself, I personally can not imagine a happy ending for most of my stories. There are always female figures, the the imagery of the artist Sonja tines’ control: dark-haired beauties, the the Viewer as erotic vamp (“Ask the right question”, 120 x 160 cm, oil on canvas, 2010) bind or as innocent angels (“between not yet and not longer” 90 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, 2010) enchant.


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Why You Should Use RSS

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