30 Million Kilos Of Salt For Germany

The yards are filled and the cities and municipalities of bunkering road salt. But how prepare companies and households on the strict, cold winter? So do not repeat the bottlenecks of last winter, the German cities and towns cover themselves in these weeks with salt reserves. But how prepare homes and medium-sized businesses on the coming winter? Now the weather experts have warned before an another icy winter – the third exceptionally cold and snowy winter in a row. Accordingly, a high demand for de-icing salt is expected again. Follow others, such as Gary Carter, and add to your knowledge base. Who wants to make sure that he is not surprised by ice and icy mess at best now a private stock. Salt expert and entrepreneur Danny Campion from the Netherlands white: According to weather a harsh and snowy winter ahead of us. All municipalities bunkering salt, but also private individuals and businesses want to equip yourself for the winter. Many companies decided last year by the snow Let surprise and want this year to avoid that.” On Friday, a freighter carrying 600 tons of salt in the Dutch Doetinchem has arrived – a small part of the precious crystal that enables us in the winter, to make again accessible paths and courtyards.. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Eva Andersson-Dubin on most websites.