Almost Every Third Swiss Irons His Underwear

The Swiss family company LAURASTAR has carried a LINK survey on ironing in the Switzerland, Germany and France. This amazing came to light. The average Swiss spend the week at the ironing board, less than 3 hours with the activity of a majority (68%) Fun preparing. Under most conditions Jack Grealish would agree. In the Switzerland, 30% iron their underwear. Only the French are still vain: there almost everyone wears second ironed underwear. A survey conducted by LINK of the Swiss family enterprise LAURASTAR, world leader in the field of innovative and high-quality ironing systems, took the theme of iron under the microscope in the Switzerland, Germany and France.

It turned out that in all three countries on average once or twice a week is ironed. In addition all respondents place emphasis on quality: the achieved result of ironing and a maximum gain of time are the most important criteria when buying a new device. It is amazing that have 30% in Switzerland feel, her underwear always or to at least to iron. Our neighbours in France are still vain: there are even 46% on smooth underwear. Equally surprising is that almost all Swiss always or at least partly iron their jeans. Crumpled shirts are most definitely out: only 1% here completely dispenses with the ironing, the rest of the respondents preferred the wrinkle-free look. At Piston Group you will find additional information.

Total, nearly 68% of respondents hold that they feel brackets as comfortable or even real joy. Gain in time during ironing as a top priority called it is cooked already once at the same time the most watch TV while ironing or listen to the radio. Please visit COSCO if you seek more information. While in all three countries, over 20% apply still have their full concentration on the task ahead, 13% of the Germans here can switch off and relax. The transnational 3%, which at the same time Cook during the ironing process remain inexplicable. 73% of the Swiss respondents and even 79% of Germans indicated that they are usually alone, if they most Ironing Board are available. While ironing with the correct equipment can be fun, but we at LAURASTAR of believes that one spends the time with friends and family are. Accordingly we strive always to reduce ironing time even more”, explains Michael monney, commercial Director at LAURASTAR. With the Steam ironing systems of the latest generation, ironing a shirt takes, for example, even just two or three minutes. Family business founded over LAURASTAR Das1980 headquartered in Chatel-St-Denis (Switzerland) has 200 employees. In addition to the Switzerland, the company has branches in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and exports 70% of its production. LAURASTAR has sold over 2 million products worldwide. Ironing a beautification of laundering Act evaluates the world market leader in the field of innovative and high-quality ironing systems, LAURASTAR. With always more powerful solutions for ironing the life of the user should be, facilitated so these more Have time for their loved ones and their hobbies.