Apartment Sale

At the same time, directing the mouse pointer over these points and squares, we get the tooltips to the name of real estate agents and their contact details. What may be practical to map Mytischi all displayed on it in the form of points real estate agencies? And the fact that we immediately obtain the position of points relative to each other, and so appreciate the focus of real estate agencies in a particular area Mytischi. We immediately observe the place where if you want us to have to go to the minimum time to visit as much as possible in a larger number of agencies. Therefore, the described search tool allows you to save time and solve the problem with an apartment in the shortest possible time. Question 2: I want to buy an apartment in . How quickly learn a list of recent proposals for the sale of apartments and see where on the map of these apartments are located and what their price and how to contact the seller? The answer to question 2 first method. We pass on the 'geoMytischi', then go to 'Directory', then open the section 'Properties', then open the subkey 'Flats for sale' and see a list of these proposals for the sale of apartments in . In this list we see the characteristics of all current proposals apartments for sale, registered in the database 'geoMytisch', namely, their price, address of the apartment up the street and at home, as well as the phone vendor.