Astarian: Power, Love And Betrayal In An Exotic Fantasy World

“Fantasy novel by Flyfiction fantasy publishing with the fantasy novel Astarian” the Flyfiction fantasy Publisher launches in may 2012 his series the universe of Ancris “. New fantasy creatures and a unique fantasy world expect the reader. “Sun houses, Spiegelstrassen, love schools and cloud squares with their fantasy novel Astarian” kidnapped the author Annira falter the reader into a whole new universe: the universe of Ancris “. The Sun Ancri Astarian in the biggest enemy of his people love in love to the greatest enemy In the novel: Zerion. Zerion is the son of the tyrant Gletzerin; both the pursuit of absolute power, which turns them into gods of the universe.

Absolute power represents a magical universe model that can create planets and destroy. Moreover, The artifact turns along thinking of all living things according to the will of the owner, it can break the old laws of nature and a new logic may emerge. Love – betrayal Zerion tried to seduce Astarian, to help him in the search for the absolute power. The The Sun Ancris is key to this artifact. Among them there are chosen one, know the way to power and Astarian to elicit them the secret. Why Astarian? Now, Astarian is attractive, friendly and popular and he is training for the lovers, where he learns to use sense power like magic. With his aura, he is to ensnare an elect. Additional information is available at Eva Andersson-Dubin.

The city planet Sonnira the world of the fantasy of novel the fantasy novel takes place on the city planet Sonnira of a world of full light houses, which set their luminosity according to the time of day: morning yellow, yellow lunch, evening yellow. The planet needs no other light source, he himself is the Sun. The Ancris new fantasy beings who show their feelings on exotic way Ancris congenital skin dresses, moving to their feelings: flutter with joy and cramp for fear of wrinkles. Ancris have an aesthetic stature similar to Angels and their own concepts lovemaking: in the comedy they share their body and character features. So a brown-haired Ancri can find the comedy a blonde streak on his head or a shy has more confidence after that. “Author Annira falter: I created the Ancri world, before I learned how to write the ABCs” the world of the Ancris is almost as old as the author himself. Even before she went to the first class, she stretched the universe of Ancris in their imagination. She was born in 1985 and has finished her studies with a score of 1.0. From the old Ancri universe with 20 years she created a new one; the result is a world full of power mesh, love, magic, and betrayal. The fantasy novel Astarian. The universe of Ancris”is available as an eBook at the Flyfiction fantasy publishing and on Amazon. The print output is without obligation to imagine Publishing House. On you tube there is also a book trailer for the fantasy novel: (Annette Scholonek)