Cabrera River

It is also necessary to implement the project for road and tourist signage and design and the landscape regulations of tourist routes. In the field of land use and protection of the environment is required to implement the program of conservation and improvement of the banks of the Magdalena and its tributaries; the project for the management of brokers biological Department (Purace-Guacharos; Magdalena basin); the improvement of public space in the urban centres of tourist areas; recovery and management of the Las Ceibas River basin; plants of treatment of wastewater that are discharged to the Magdalena; the prevention and mitigation of desertification in the lower basin of the Cabrera River; (e) involve the tourist information of the Department in the georeferenced system. Source: Randall Mays. As regards human capital we must continue to develop the program of bilingualism, chairs to promote huilenses cultural values, programs of education in hotel and tourism management, training of professional tourist guides, training in QA the handicraft training centres and schools, focused to the development of creativity and design. We must likewise have a reliable and up-to-date economic information about the tourist activity of the system (account Department satellite of tourism in Huila), publishes an Ordinance regulating the tourist activity of Huila, a program of security, surveillance and control for the sector, appropriate training of departmental and municipal officials in management of tourism, and a training deep in trade and institutional associativity..