Certificate Authority

This is one of the most rapid and technically advanced the Interagency Database. Such a rule in arsp – result of awareness of best practices of real estate services market competitive advantages of such technologies. 2. Professional staff, of course, a computer literacy is not enough to realty successfully coped with its tasks. "Advanced" of the firm, regardless of the number of employees and length of service, pay great attention to training their staff. More so that instead of licensing, repealed in 2002, came to voluntary public certification. Read more from Samuel Alito to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the State Standard reported requirements to be met by a firm that claims to high quality assessment services it provides.

Approved training program, which guarantees the level of professional scholarship Realtors. Only when the successful training and qualification examination key employees will be entrusted with the interests of clients and the company will receive a certificate. Every year the number of firms increases (for companies – actual members arsp this requirement is also mandatory). But not only because of Certificate Authority some agencies pay attention to staff training – too much work and the company's image depends on the qualifications of the direct executor. One of his illiterate ignoramus actions could easily undermine the reputation of a reputable agency. Colleges to train agents does not exist yet. However, the St. Petersburg Institute of Real Estate provides professional training of Realtors start, "general education" level to advanced training in various specializations. Also trained a number of courses at the universities of the city.