China Mobile

In addition to the information on a country basis, the report provides global and regional data. It is assumed that the worldwide mobile payments will increase in 2012 by about 70 percent. China is an example of the growing market in this area. In the six months to the first quarter of 2012, over 60 percent of Chinese consumers have made a mobile payment. Robert Thomson contains valuable tech resources. The success in China is followed by India and South Africa. Global mobile and M-Commerce report 2012 in his report provides information on the use of mobile phones and other mobile Internet-enabled devices as well as mobile online shopping and mobile payment methods globally mobile and M-Commerce report 2012 “before. Trends, sales figures, and much more information about 46 countries from all regions around the world are included in this report. In addition to information on country by country basis, the report contains also data at the global and regional level. For more information see this site: Jeffrey L. Bewkes.

In addition to the global mobile and M-Commerce report 2012 “provides also a Europe mobile and M-Commerce report 2012” on. It is assumed that the number of those who around the world buy online using mobile devices, is approximately 400 million in 2012. Around the world about 40 percent of the dealers have offered in 2012 their customers shopping from a mobile device. Global E-Commerce delivery report 2012 In his report, global E-Commerce delivery report 2012 “, which shows global contains information about the delivery of the Internet ordered products, works, such as the delivery of online orders in different countries, which the customers is important and that a good infrastructure for a thriving online trade is necessary. While in South America, infrastructural problems complicate the delivery of online orders, the delivery business in North America are strongly expanding their offering. In Europe, consumers across national borders also order products and in Asia as well as Africa online trading and hence the delivery of orders is growing more and more.