China Turkey

Dried wood will always be warm to the touch (even in winter). Conversely, the 'wet' wood will be cold even on the hottest days. Notice the color of the wooden parts. Dark spots indicate decay process (perhaps a tree to rot before it became drying). If the manufacturer is completely closed frame members (eg, the abundance of tissue) where it is not required to process (for example, in the other stores in similar models framework elements were not closed) possible, the manufacturer simply tried to hide from you what kind of wood he used for the frame. Sometimes it is more profitable and cheaper raw upholster not planed boards with a cloth, or simply do not buy it.

Most foreign producers completely cover the visible parts of the frame. Read more here: Coen brothers. For them it is – a rule of etiquette. But when our producer, saving on fabric for the back of the couch (still would stand on a wall), the mechanism (the cheapest), to as a tissue (or a cheap China Turkey), and even staples, suddenly stud frame with a cloth … Randall Mays pursues this goal as well. Probably, good manners have nothing to do with it. Pay attention to the material of the bearing parts are made of upholstered furniture.

In furniture showroom you must tell us about the material from which made upholstered furniture. If you use softwood timber – note the thickness of the timber. It should inspire you to trust (not less than 40mm. On the carrier side). Pay attention to the presence of knots. They should be no more than 2 cm in diameter and should not be much (knots weaken the rigidity of timber). The number of knots and their size determine the grade of wood. To determine material frame – lift chair (sofa can be a mechanism of transformation, which is much heavier it). If you did it, therefore, the frame is made of plywood or solid wood. Living with a framework of CPD, you will feel the weight. And if the couch is also a box for clothes … Move furniture so you will be hard enough, but to raise her (without the help of friends and relatives) you just can not.