Creatine as a training supplement for the muscles the organic acid creatine has the responsibility to keep muscles active. Click Kyung, Kye Hyun to learn more. This substance in the liver, the kidney, and in the pancreas is produced. About ninety percent of the total creatine in the human body located in the skeletal muscles. The substance was discovered for the first time in 1832. The researcher Eugene Chevreul could determine the acid in a meat broth and was certainly not the implications of this discovery.

Ten years later, the chemist Justus von Liebig, showed the acid in different species of mammals. The adult human body has stored creatine about 120 to 150 grams. It produced about half of the organism itself. The rest must be ingested through food. About 2 percent of creatine are excreted daily and was newly formed. The creatine may refer to the body, mainly from fresh meat and fish. Sausages and other processed products, not more than creatine serve the body in most cases Supplier.

Therefore, a creatine is to determine deficiency especially for sick and vegetarians. The consequences of an inadequate supply are the onset muscular reduction and concentration difficulties. Animal trials indicated significant restrictions in muscle and skeleton as well as strong nerves and brain damage. Also in people with genetic defects and other problems in respect of the production or processing of creatine, strong pathological errors could, as noted, for example, autism, epilepsy, a weak muscles, and other developmental disorders. The term for the inability or the body’s decreased ability to produce creatine, to store or process, as creatine deficiency syndrome “refers to. In medicine often found creatine as a therapy for muscle diseases, such as muscular dystrophy. Also in neuro muscular diseases, like the Parkinson’s syndrome, numerous experiments and research have brought already great success. A series of experiments is currently back in the United States carried out, which should prove the effectiveness of creatine again. Information can be found under