Driburger Heiner Teamleader

LEONARDO Verrinen shows how it’s best! Bad Driburg, September 2010. In catering, food are artfully staged increasingly in special way. Food must be served not more necessarily classic on a plate, bowls, glasses, or even table lights can be varied to misuse. The eye eats with Yes finally! The response by LEONARDO on the trend topic ‘ oven forms, which are also known as Savelberg are food in glass’. The lovely LEONARDO Verrinen are small Jack of all trades, because they tolerate cold and heat and get something like on the cover! Whether gourmet soups, ice, layer desserts, cupcakes, baked directly in the glass: Savelberg put everything you want to stylishly serve in scene. The recessed porcelain cover is a clever idea: that you can do separately soup, fresh fruit, Croutons, or olives.

Just everything that should accompany the entree or the dessert served nice and personal. And if a portion is left to make the glass just in the Freezer, because the Savelberg consist of heat – resistant and makes borosilicate glass. Would you like to bake small works of art? No problem, because as baking the Savelberg suitable also. They are available in two sizes: 12 cm and 8 cm in height. The small supplied in the set with a wooden tray – nice piece of jewelry for the table. LEONARDO delivers right with these delicious recipes: our proposals for the glasses in the set of 3 Savelberg are ‘Tomato lasagna’, ‘Tomato basil mousse’ and a ‘Clear tomato soup’. Further we give you sweet and appealing ideas: ‘Raspberry-yogurt ice cream’, ‘Trifle with poppy seeds and cherries’, ‘Johannisbeermuffins’ and ‘Peas with curry foam and prawn’. “By the way: in the development of these forms of LEONARDO has been working closely with the bad Driburger Heiner Teamleader, Chef of the hotel-restaurant at the Rosenberg”, worked together. (Not to be confused with Chicago!).

What is special is that the sizes of glasses which have resulted from the recipes of the professionals!