Enrico Mertin

Even if it is just the sympathetic wife of bakery, open up and reveal much of your personal life. People love stories, and quickly close the narrator in the heart. Avoid too much ruminations. Endless thinking hinders our life motivation, and creates often negative thoughts. If you make social comparisons, you think of poorer and erfolglosere (unfortunately) people, not richer, “nicer” or healthier. Happy people are happy about the success of others and show compassion for failures. Take massive actions to succeed.

Actively seeking your priorities, so the things that are really important to you. Erase unnecessary and unloved procedures from your everyday life and focus on things that are fun. Put many small goals and celebrate your success as a small rebirth. Are not a grudge. Expressing your disappointment at errors and stumbles of others but must be avoided Thirst for vengeance and enmity. This impacted the soul and inflicting physical damage to us. Admitting your own weaknesses and mistakes, because so automatically train your self-confidence. Use your sensitivity.

Check, if you have a bad feeling about something, whether this is at all important to your life and your priorities. Is it likely that this will take a very inconvenient for me development? If not, then you worry not. If but yet, then you can act immediately. Serenity is a huge luck factor. Be up and running. Make sport, think of projects and invent or maintain rituals that exist only to you or your family. This is used to reduce stress and causes the hormones and mood-lightening. Happy people are more popular, have more energy, are successful, healthier, live longer, earn more and and and are you able to work on oneself and the notwengigen life drive to find, so you will quickly help your luck on the jumps. Our thoughts are essential for a life of happiness, for alone they create our reality. How will you find happy – the answer in itself. Check here how you can help the luck. Enrico Mertin