This information is of vital importance for the application of techniques of “cross selling” and “upselling” in the sales process.Similarly, it is advisable to consider future uses of the information to create the required fields where you can get the same, all this in order not to repeat the data collection process. 4 .- Select a tool to store lists characteristics that must be taken into account to choose the right tool for your needs are: The ability to do segmentation. Using a collaborative environment. The interface with communication tools. The establishment of data relationships. The maximum number of records.

The technical equipment required. Human resources used. Costs. The most widely used program is Excel. The lists can be saved in spreadsheets, but they lack communication and networking tools do not have the ability to do segmentation. And also lacks the ability to relate calculate.Other data platform that could be used for this purpose, it is the DANA. Which has a collaborative environment that facilitates the construction of databases.

Similarly, has the ability to search, relationships and segmentation of the data. Similarly, the interfaces with communication tools that allows the sending of email and sms from a contact list. 5 .- Establish a strategy to get the data The contact information can be achieved through: digital media ads (like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc …) These will have the purpose of directing people to a registration form located on the website of each company. Publishing newsletters allied companies: These messages have the advantage of being more segmented so that the information in the list is more accurate to allow the entry of people really interested. The application of information at point of sale, which at the time the user makes your purchase will be asked for personal information. Historical records of sales in the company: Through the information previously stored data can be obtained from the contacts. This is important to request permission. Billing systems: You can remove the data processes administrative collect information about customers. 6 .- Avoid the common mistakes made not a spam: Sending bulk messages, type advertising, unsolicited by the user generates the email is classified as junk. Do not buy lists for media campaigns that could be considered invasive. For example, SMS and calls.