Gabi Schwarz

Sunscreen for sensitive and pale skin Red Cross, 09.12.2010 – the Christmas after night holidays are at the door and use many of the free time to spend a holiday in the South or in the mountains. For the pale winter skin, excessive sun exposure means an extreme load and a more effective sun protection be missing in your holiday luggage never. While the skin in early summer is slowly browned and a sunburn can often be avoided, a journey to the South indicates an extreme danger to the skin. Due to the temperatures at home a stay in the open air is impossible and the sunlight in the holiday areas threatens the skin extremely. It is strongly recommended to get slowly in the shade in the intense sun and use an effective sunscreen. The Swiss brand SENSOLAR provides the optimal Sun lotion for athletes and active.

The products completely waive emulsifiers and mineral oils and water – and perspiration-resistant. Thanks to the practical spray bottle, they can be quickly and efficiently apply and also at sporting activity in the Sun, offer the ideal protection. SENSOLAR Sun lotion protects not only the skin from drying out, but is suitable also for the hair. SENSOLAR offers effective treatments after Sun after Sun bathing. Aloe Vera and jojoba to regenerate the skin and moisturize.

The after Sun lotion of SENSOLAR non-greasy and absorbs quickly without sticking the pores. The SENSOLAR products maintain the skin and contribute as long as possible to get the Tan. Because they contain no fragrances, they are suitable also well for eczema or allergies. Without hesitation Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City explained all about the problem. The products via the Web shop are available the Swiss brand SENSOLAR provides with the Sun lotion and the after-Sun products the ideal sun protection for sporting and active. They are water – and perspiration-resistant and ideal for sporting activities they protect longer and does not burn in the eyes. Thanks to a convenient spray bottle the SENSOLAR quickly and efficiently apply products and are not only for the skin suitable, but can also be used to keep the hair from drying out. Because SENSOLAR completely avoids the use of fragrances, Emulgators and mineral oil, the products suitable for sensitive skin. SENSOLAR is the official supplier of Swiss cycling and Swiss products can be ordered easily Rowing.Die via the online shop: Gabi Schwarz