German Empire

He led me came in and introduce myself to the grim sitting there old man. More info: Carol Los Mansmann. He, full Moller, offered cigarettes and a Vermouth me, as if he were master of the House… as I was for the first time at full Moeller, I saw Lieberman there with the French sculptor Maillol and count Harry Kessler.” A personality as small cut-out – of – the aforementioned celebrities and thinkers and off went, may have been not a nobody, and it was not at all. Dr. Karl vollmoeller was a philologist and archaeologist. He was also precocious, extraordinary poet genius, whose verse impressed Stefan George, Rainer Maria Rilke, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Stefan Zweig. He was a successful and world’s played playwright, the New York 1914 times a whole page devoted to.

“The miracle”, his wordless play, moved up fifteen million people in Europe and the United States in the theatre and Festival halls between 1911 and 1934. in the film version for more 4 – 5 million in theaters. The journalist and writer Edward Jaime 1949 said full Moeller was the most important Symbolist poet Germany has produced”. But there was also a hitherto completely unknown to posterity page – this man’s XE “Man Heinrich” the licentiousness and at the same time ingenious talent, who fascinated the people “: the agent on behalf of his Majesty, Emperor Wilhelm II., in the years 1914 1918: a kind of German James Bond.” As such, full Moeller was traveling in various missions in the United States, in Italy, in Holland, of Switzerland, Sweden, Austro-Hungary and Turkey. 1914 for a short time as a commercial attache in Washington; in 1917, he spied the American arms industry after the United States had declared war on the German Empire. He was involved in the secret peace negotiations with France and England in the Switzerland, not uninvolved in the creation of the UFA, and in 1918 founded the semi-governmental network of correspondence on behalf of the German Government”, a precursor of later propaganda ministries.