Give The Gift Of Good – Products Made In Germany

A year of click-Germany – the large department store in the small manufacturer the large department store in the small manufacturer celebrates birthday. Click-Germany is launched on November 15, 2007. Were 35 companies with not even 300 products here. Nevertheless, it was an exciting event for the makers. Today, 155 manufacturer with over 1600 products are online. This is a real cause for celebration! And time for a summary. Managing Director Jana Schutze in an interview: One year click Germany what it offers particularly? Within a year, click-Germany has more than quadrupled. The response has been impressive. Wine from the dump, puzzles for dogs, you don’t even think leg warmers for stilettos, Christmas trees in the envelope – what original ideas have small factories. Tim Raines shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. All there is on click-Germany and much, much more. And even the clients increasingly perceive click-Germany. We had at the start just 200 visitors a day, they are now often 2000. That is courage! In addition, we have released our first catalog in October. One Selection of 80 products that will whet your appetite for more. Small, but fine. We have observed that the audience we address with click-Germany, is still a generation that holds like something printed in the hands, scrolls alone and looks. Almost all 10 000 copies are already gone. A year of click-Germany what fret? About my impatience. Click Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for additional related pages. Still, not every manufacturer could sell something on click-Germany. That annoys me. To attract more visitors to our portal, we have many ideas. Build an affiliate marketing blog more network, working with partner sites together. Yesterday, we sent out our first newsletter. Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours. So we must be patient, go ahead step by step. That is difficult. What are you looking for click-Germany? That more people think, what and where they buy. We know almost all manufacturer personally, are in the last year and a half over 35 000 kilometers with our blue, rolling Office across Germany drove. Clearly, not every product is a design object. But we have seen how even the products of everyday life with care and love, with craftsmanship and passion are made. There are these small factories which enrich our lives. Away from the Department store chains, which increasingly intention our locations and our lives. Click by click-Germany. You will be surprised. And since Christmas is just around the corner: you give good! It is worth. Jana Schutze