There is a saying among the people that if you want to see how it will look your Bride in old age look at her mother. To paraphrase this saying can be said so that if you want to know what you will get sick in his old age, remember than hurt your parents, I mean not only the father and mother, and grandparents on the maternal and paternal lines. Our ancestors, along with the talents and skills handed down to us, unfortunately, and their illness or at least predisposition to them. Therefore, the memories of the lives of their ancestors is very important. Recall and analyze the habits, tastes and interests, a model of their behavior in any given situation and to compare with them with their tastes and interests, is the number one task in forecasting their possible diseases. Compare themselves should more closely with the line, the maternal or paternal, which do you most resemble. Determine who are you more like a fairly easy, it is worth asking relatives.

They usually say: "It is a copy of my father ',' It is a copy of the mother ', or vice versa. You can also see and understand their similarities with their ancestors for whatever things such such as favorite foods. By comparing your tastes, such as food, with tastes of their closest ancestors, and from which they were ill and died, you can make up for a program to prevent such consequences. As say, is easier to prevent disease than to treat it. Let me give a concrete example of life that describes all of the above. A man of forty years, began to feel a deterioration in health, which is gradually going from year to year. Deterioration was reflected in a decrease of memory, joint disease, deterioration of visual acuity, overweight, lack of blood circulation in the legs. After analyzing their lives and the lives of their ancestors on the paternal line on which He was very similar, came to the conclusion that all their associates love this food as fat and salt.

His grandfather was so fond of salty, add some salt that even herring. Also, my grandfather loved and fat and, in any form. He especially loved his cooking, which in itself is very harmful from – the high cholesterol content. Therefore, while my grandfather and he lived to 91 years the last few years has suffered from pains in the joints and vascular diseases (thrombophlebitis). After analyzing situation, our hero decided to completely abandon the use of salt. Refuse the use of fat he could not completely lacked willpower. But he began to lead a more active lifestyle: take jogging, each morning started doing self-massage of the feet and picked up the habit once a week to starve. All these changes in his lifestyle led to significant improvement in his health. Admittedly this did not happen immediately, but according to him via 1,5 – 2 months time regular employment, he felt a tangible improvement in health. First of all, it was expressed in improving the overall condition. Now he could get up to 5 floor without pain in the joints of the feet and shortness of breath. He became more energetic, and thing, what I liked about him changes, he became more calm and optimistic. So I wish you all, especially those who have started having problems with health, to investigate their heredity and take correct solutions to remedy the situation and improve their health.