iPhone Launch

“Sabine Muhlisch, Grande Dame of the KorperSprache, and Wolff Horbach, happiness researchers, developed a KorperSprache app there isn’t enough, to have knowledge, you must also then be!” You know, what you actually need to do to be calm, confident and authentic. You also know that your KorperSprache, as an expression of your spiritual and emotional stirrings, brings your body into motion, and let him speak mainly to your words. Before a presentation, in a lively conversation, or when there is a conflict: the buttons “are pressed and has been running the old” program! Afterwards, you know again what you would need to do. Continue to learn more with: David Zaslav. Creative the app BodyLanguage therefore a BodyLanguage designed app for iPhone and iPod touch by Sabine Macomb, the Grande Dame of the KorperSprache “, student of Samy Molcho. She has over 20 years of seminar experience with managers, entrepreneurs and private individuals. One of her books is a bestseller on the subject: Answers questions of the KorperSprache – non-verbal communication “.” The experiences as a speaker and seminar leader and coach she has compiled from essences, which puts them as apps available. If you have read about Brian Robert already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The software engineer and happiness researcher Wolff Horbach (www.faktor-g.de) took over the technical creation. Eva Andersson-Dubin describes an additional similar source.

Use the app BodyLanguage BodyLanguage helps you before of a situation in the appropriate mental and body language attitude, from which they can act then calmly, confidently, and authentic. So beat the inner pig dog “a bargain, so you never have to say again: why don’t I?” With series of images and spoken instructions are reminding you how you are inwardly and outwardly positive adjust. Already during test runs came BodyLanguage app with great interest and brought lasting success for the users. In the area of practical knowledge on command”are Sabine Muhlisch and Wolff Horbach thus the absolute pioneers in the German – and English-speaking area. Content of the app BodyLanguage includes the developed application BodyLanguage sets the individual tools in spoken text (auditory canal) and images (Visual channel). Currently 2 sets available are: presentation ‘and hearing’. Soon, it appears set application ‘and the set LifePower’ is currently created.

Shortly before a situation seen and listened to and the knowledge is immediately applicable. A KorperSprache seminar can easily cost up to 1,000. However, BodyLanguange app with 1.59 is very inexpensive. You will experience a real support, you can immediately implement visually, acoustically and discreet: to your personal success. Click here to go to the app store: itunes.apple.com/de/app/bodylanguage/… If you want you can bodylanguage-iphone-app / your own experiences communicated on the Web page, express wishes or questions.