Jorn Barger

It can be an informative site, a site in He offered an expert information sobe its field of speciality with other experts, or simply a relief. Some blogs have literally thousands of readers, others are only read by their authors. Parts and components of the term blog blog the term was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997 definition of blog is a web page simple consisting of a few paragraphs of opinion, information, a personal diary, links, organized chronologically from the most recent to the first published. The structure of a blog have the following elements: the post or entry: the main part in which you author writes the text according to the purpose as you a your blog (personal diary, reviews, news). Comments from visitors to the Blog.

Most blogs allow visitors and leave published comments for each entry or post. Interaction entries (posts) – comments (comments). Read more here: Rohit Kapoor. Represents an entire system of communication with the readers who left their impressions and enrich the post its temporality. Fixed in an hour, day, month. for each post and linked to the immediacy of its publication. Classification: or temporary: the classification of entries by weeks, months, years or theme: classified through tags and keywords that assimilate to potential searches. Blogs and the blogosphere: links links are an important aspect in the blogs. Occur talks facilitating the referencing of information in different blogs in the blogosphere.

Permalink (permanent link), is a fixed URL that is generated by the blog system, and applies to each post or entry. Although the post is archived, the URL is preserved in the database to be able to reference the entry in question individually. Trackback (also called pingback). It’s like a reverse link. It allows to a Blogger (A) notify another Blogger B that has been commented one of the posts or entries B. When B receives the notification from the Blog to a trackback has been created, the system Blog b creates a record of the permalink of the referred post.