Keflavik International Airport

The land of myths and legends – it many surprises await you! Iceland is a mysterious and wild country: largely uninhabited, it has only about 320 000 people, and most of those living in the capital, Reykjavik. If you have the idea, that one armed travels up to Iceland, you are mistaken. This country is very peaceful and you will find wild animals with difficulties. Iceland remained for a long time a country that was unattainable, a mystical land. Thanks to some low cost this country a popular destination for many backpackers happened to airlines that are trusted to fly. Visit David Zaslav for more clarity on the issue. Most tourists remain entranced by the Islands unique wilderness and spectacular nightlife in Reykjavik.

The best time to visit Iceland is important information from June to August. You must inform yourself well previously, because many objects due to glaciers and snow are not navigable. Iceland was always very, very expensive, but due to the banking crisis in Iceland last year, it has become at once the country where everything is suddenly very, very cheap. If you are ever thought did go, today it is the best time. What wait, Pack your warm things and discover this country! If you have a tight budget, your main concern will be to book a cheap flight. Currently, the airline Iceland Express has low tariffs, which combines daily some major European cities like London, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris. The flights end up on airport Keflavik (about forty kilometers from Reykjavik). If you book early, pay less of course.

Keflavik discover upon arrival at Keflavik International Airport, you can visit this small town of about fourteen thousand inhabitants. This city is known for its fishing industry. If you want to stay here, we will recommend you the B & B guesthouse, a typical Icelandic bed and breakfast, it characterized by a warm and relaxing hospitality.