Las Aventuras

I a A boy of twelve years playing in the backyard: a hand extended to the top of a poplar and punched in the belly of the same tree. a His parents had gone, a slender woman would be present for care. The boy heard a soft knocking at the door. Leaving the entertainment, was to meet him. a _ Who is it? a _Soy Silla. a _Ah, hello _abriendo am Liberato rapidamente_Yo door. a thirties She apparently leaned over and kissed the child on the forehead. This smiled, inviting her to pass, and leave their bags (one full of cucumbers) in the room with parents.

a A new smell filled the house, the young tight black dress pants, who then bring their belongings, asked where was the bathroom. After an indication of Liberato, joined. One of the walls leading to the kitchen, where he was the thriving little baby white skin and long black hair. There, a hole opened without any tools. Bringing his face, watching the scene: yellow walls and a person behind more yellow walls and a person behind a seated woman licking her hand. a The beardless boy closed the dimple. II a obese subject sun made everything look brown.

Not so in the house where the boy and the lady ate cucumbers and mineral water. After the healthy snack, reported the boy who would go to their address two friends. a chair nodded while incorporated in the chair, crossing his legs ahuevadas beautifully. a Given the repeated blows, gave way to the applicants in order to prevent the entrance door was broken, by way of a bell, used against her friends drop stones and wild vigorous kicking.