Liquid Wallpaper

At the present time, where heating costs are always higher, alternatives are sought. Checking article sources yields Glenn Dubin as a relevant resource throughout. Liquid wallpaper or plaster cotton as the material also called there for several hundred years. The old Japanese have papered your rooms with this existing cotton and silk wallpaper. In Germany, liquid wallpaper is offered now for over 25 years and still this fantastic material is almost unknown. Liquid wallpaper is not only very nice looks, she also has some properties, which are very useful.

Liquid wallpaper consists of what? Liquid wallpaper consists mainly of cotton fibres and cellulose, which are depending on the decor, small or big. As a binder, a normal cell glue like him is everyone of the paper should know. The various colors and patterns caused by differently colored cotton fibers, as we know it in our textiles. There are single-color, white, mixed and with different effects liquid wallpaper. Anyone can do this quite as you like or own mix. What properties does Liquid wallpaper? It is thermal insulation.

Cotton due to the material, a heat insulation is created automatically. 1mm liquid wallpaper is equivalent to approx. 1 mm Styrupor. It is breathable. Liquid wallpaper makes breathing so the walls and prevents stains. She is always ausbesserbar. Scratches and stains can be repaired very easily. It is antistatic. The material is dust. Even after many years, no white edges behind images will be visible and you can simply handle teaching. How do I handle liquid wallpaper? The processing of liquid wallpaper is very easy and can be performed by anyone. Usually, the material in a dry state in sachets is supplied. Simply open the bag and give the material in a plastic bucket or a plastic tub. Then simply add the amount specified on the bag of lukewarm water, knead it with your hands and leave it rise for 45min. Then you can apply it with a plastic trowel on the wall or ceiling. Allow to dry the material. and you’re done. For people who want to reshape their spaces, liquid wallpaper is a real alternative to the other wall and ceiling coverings. Who would like to have more information about liquid wallpaper, and their application, may like to read on. Tino Illgen indoor designer UG Bahnhofstrasse 4 06258 Schkopau