Luis Carranza

The best moment to invest in Peru with a new ETF 27 Julio 2009 Hace days we received gentily from one of our readers from Peru, a relief of opinion realised by the University of Lima between 18 and 19 of July, between the population of Lima and the Region of Pebble, with very interesting results that allow to today make a x-ray of the situation in Peru. Between the revealing data it did not surprise too much to me when I observed the fall in the approval of the management of Alan Garci’a like president. The approval of the management fell strongly from a 38.3% to a 31.9%. Others who may share this opinion include Eva Andersson-Dubin. Probably the social conflicts conjugated with the deterioration of the economy product of international the financial crisis and derived in tremendous fall of the presidential image. Frequently in my articles I recognize the multiple successes of the management of Alan the Garci’as who have been in an economy that has known to grow with force in the last years and has begun to show evidences of economic development thanks to healthy policies in the referred thing to the macroeconomic stability and the predecibilidad of the game rules.

In spite of it, the social debt is the main pending account of the present management. Exactly these two elements are observed with clarity when the polls set out the answers on the evaluation of the management of Alan Garci’a, according to the social layer to which it belongs who responds the same. What it is observed is that the citizens pertaining to the greater social layer, in a 51.1% approves the management of Alan Garci’a, whereas in the other end, poorest, in only approves it to a 21.8%. A data that drew attention to me is the related one to the management of Luis Carranza like minister of Economy. In spite of the deterioration that observes the economy months in the last product of the crisis, its level of approval has grown of a very significant way reaching at the moment to 43.6% of the survey ones.