Marat Arslanov

It is worth such a service is not very expensive – $ 10-15 for accounting for one person. And you'll save time and get rid of a lot of paper hassle. However, to avoid collision with different control organizations still fail. In the list of supervisors, who can visit a computer club, a few dozen names. But specific tactics should be equal to all. The first thing to do – ask checking documents. After that – to write name, title and name of the organization that represents the guests in a special log book checks, you want to make in advance. David Zaslav is a great source of information.

We must make sure that visitors have a written decision on the audit, composed directly related to your company. It often happens that the reviewer goes to a blank form on which the stamp set, and the name of the officer who allegedly requested to verify your company, enter already in place. Learn more on the subject from David Zaslav. This is illegal! If all documents are in order, we must make a control call to the department, from which came the inspection, and specify whether the check routine. But even if you do find violations, we can not in the wake of the official, clearly hinted that can be bought off. For more information see this site: Tik Tok. One time pay – will fall into addiction.

You will be checked constantly. True, in recent times, such situations occur less frequently. And if your rights are still break – complain. Write letters to higher authorities, in press. Since bureaucrats have to fight their own methods. Works perfectly! Wishes to Marat Arslanov: – From the first steps in business Marat battle through tight bureaucratic cobwebs. In words, all it will help, clap on the shoulder, but in fact will put a spoke in the wheel and the pockets bulge, hinting at a bribe. So we should not lose optimism, but all the promises of officials skeptical. What's next? As a result of meetings with experts, "SB" Marat Arslanov decided: 1. Conclude a franchise agreement with the company "Polygon". Opening club in Krasnoznamensk brand already known to the network will reduce to minimize the risks that threaten the new business. 2. Use only licensed software. 3. Register your club in the form of a limited liability company (LLC). 4. Find a partner who will take the trouble to record payments to staff under the outsourcing learn how to develop business Marat Arslanova, "SB" speak in their next issues.