Mizuno Spike

-" sports "- in memory surfaced trampled sneakers that he wore as a child – "run!" – suddenly he replied. I wanted to somehow look better in the eyes of the unknown girl, of course running it did nothing at school but there she does not know about "Run Mean athletics? "- she repeated -" then we can offer you a running shoes Mizuno Spike system to accelerate the speed and increase traction "" And they breathe? "))" – has decided to sumnichat Simon. "Yes they do like living yet they'll fly!" – assured the girl out of the tube. "Yes, yes, yes, should be fine" – Simon said quickly, afraid that she will continue to pour sports terms – "Okay, yeah, I'd like the Mizuno asics too and just in case I will take" – has decided to Simon – " if that I will give my brother – for the company to be run, and then will have another form of sport and to buy "- he thought he to himself, while the girl wrote down the order. The girl promised that the courier will have time to deliver the same day as the order was made to 11 am, and Simon sat down in front of the tv and began to mint the ball on the floor, thinking, what would do more sports in the morning, once it is hitherto unprecedented desire to engage in their health and body. "Apparently, it's time to take a fitness breakfast, time has gone sort of thing – is it the most, what is necessary for the novice amateur athlete – thought to myself, Simon, and went to the kitchen – "But why I bought two pairs of shoes, why me two? It would be better if bought Weights for the feet, all useful " .