Molecular Oncology

Delaying the aging by activating the telomerase with Ta-65 a study conducted by researchers of Sierra Sciences, Sciences of technical assistance, Geron Corporation, PhysioAge, among others, has managed to scientifically demonstrate the performance of en-65, an incredible natural compound capable of activating the gene for telomerase in human beings, a key element to delay aging and eternal youth promotingsay the researchers. In a normal cell is divided, lost fragments of Telomeres, which leads to a progressive decline in function and, finally, his death, a circumstance that could be avoided by increasing the levels of telomerase, an enzyme, i.e., a repair of the protein and lengthens Telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, whose function is the structural stability of these and directly affect the speed at which cells grow older and as Telomeres are shortened and weakened its structural integrity, the cells grow old and die more quickly. The activation of this enzyme might prevent the shortening of Telomeres, delaying or even stopped the process of aging. The activation of this enzyme could prevent the shortening of Telomeres, retarding the aging process. This can help treat degenerative diseases and immune system. The gene telomerase, but apart from this we all have.

Astralagus root contains a compound that activates telomerase. The discoverers called TA-65. The biotechnology company that produces has created a 12 month course of therapy for use in a system called Protocol.6 Patton, and the Telomeres are measured during the treatment. This anti-aging company in California, who discovered it, available to all employees of more than 40 years of age this treatment. The disadvantage? There are no long-term studies, however, what their long-term effects are unknown. The cost of the treatment near $5000 per year and are demonstrable effects.

Is It has been consumed since the year 2005 more of 500 people and no new cases of cancer or any other adverse effect reported. Perhaps someday could live forever, but for now these important scientific breakthroughs may help, and much, for the treatment of degenerative diseases and immune system. investigation complete with all types of data and experiments in rejuvenation research: A natural product telomerase activator as part of a program of maintenance of the health Maria Blasco, Deputy Director of basic research at the National Center of oncological research, Director of the program of Molecular Oncology and Chief of the Telomeres and Telomerase group leave clear in the video below are the lines that there is an investigation would be in this with what is It refers to the aging. Do not miss it. It is very interesting and very clearly explained. Delaying the aging by activating the telomerase with Ta-65 original author and source of the article.