Muscovites Believe

Name of the film Original title Beavers Porzhalovat Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis Who can give linguists, humorists, travelers, lovers of comedy on which holidays without cause, the anniversary of relations, birthday, before trip, the Day of Mother Language Day, humor, even those of us who have never visited Estonia in Moscow is firmly aware that the "hot Estonian guys" say mmmedlenno and slightly rastyayayagivayut words, and Muscovites are always somewhere in a hurry and contemptuously "akayut." Only lazy people do not ridicules Ukrainian guttural "r" and not trying to imitate a Caucasian accent. Of course, you can gleefully take offense at this and see in these facts only belittling their own significance and the state, and can be treated with humor, do not forget that this is happening all over the world. Do not believe me? But in vain! British mocking the Scots because of their incomprehensible accent, and they in turn can not understand Glasgow people – Scottish, by the way the city! Markedly different dialects in different parts of Germany, and France in a beautiful picture of the same. And if you still do not believe it, it's time to go to the movies and watch wonderful French film "Beavers porzhalovat." Shot this film in 2007, the French film distribution was released in February 2008 and became an overnight most notable comedy of recent years. It is difficult to say with certainty what is the secret of his success, because the story can not be considered particularly original. .