The personal education advisor for young and old of the drummer and business makes people for more than 20 years making music – with its music school concept, which is based on experience, learning research and knowledge of human nature. This book combines autobiographical with tips on promoting creativity and intelligence. Thus, Hans-Peter Becker to one aimed at parents who are looking for advice – in a world that demands more and more power, but does not reveal how existing potentials can be woken up. On the other hand, all people are addressed, which lost the natural relationship to music by poor teaching and excessive requirements. Or by lies like: you’re Unmusical! Last but not least, also young people valuable tricks learn to come easier and better cope with the performance requirements of the school. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City wanted to know more. Making music is the anchor point at which the author critically makes solid aspects such as education, holistic learning, perception and motivation. The bottom line, the Hans-Peter Becker out of everything filtered out, it shows clearly the reader: a musician is in each. “Hans-Peter Becker gives tips for raising creative and intelligent in each is a musician” is the first educational guides for all generations.

Author Hans-Peter Becker provides creative educational tips on easy-to-understand way and gives valuable advice for a conscious and happy life from childhood. A musician is in everyone”is not a book about music education, but includes creative, intelligent and musical tips for general education and communication with children and adolescents. Hans-Peter Becker describes the stages of prenatal perception, about learning in the childhood, up to the aging and topped his education advice through personal experience in each chapter with his daughter Emma. The single father used the theme music only to illustrate the personality development and representation of the child’s creativity. In addition to easily comprehensible and helpful suggestions, the author questions but also the conventional school system, and draws attention to that children and teenagers can not fully unfold their potential in the current education system. The 160 page-strong educational Advisor are many thought-provoking, and appeals to all generations of the readership due to the simple spelling and many photos. Hans-Peter Becker inspired his readers by the style of writing and the numerous application examples, continue to educate themselves and to give new impetus to his own life. I am with this Advisor to share simple tips for children – and youth education. My own experience with my daughter and the love of music have always inspired me in the role of father and courage made me to see things from a different perspective and to make changes”, as Hans-Peter Becker. More information about this book on as well as any German book trade.