New Attachments

On, the own scheduler can be individually designed and equipped with the new family attachments. On my, there is a special update now for families. My pocket calendar expands to two new annexes, to which families should be addressed directly. Read additional details here: Glenn Dubin, New York City. The new annexes are specially tailored to their needs. The topics of health and leisure have a great importance for families. Therefore, my diary now offers developed attachments for precisely these areas specifically. Parents now also “family + health” and “Family + activities” can choose in addition to “School”, “Travel”, and much more.

These annexes provide a wide variety of entry options. So moms and dads can make important notes, for example, diseases, allergies, or screening of children. All appointments for each family member can now easily enter in your own weekly schedule. Birthdays or important phone numbers and addresses are in a table quickly at hand. “Especially in the area of family so far too little on the wishes of the parents was entered into.

A family planner that hangs on the wall, you can insert not just in the Pocket and take – our pocket calendar already! “, explains Christian Marzian Imaginaro owner. The possibilities for the design of the individual appointment calendar is already immense so far: the title page of the appointment scheduler can equipped with own photos, texts and background graphic and color according to the personal taste. Over 250,000 colour combinations are possible here. A colour selectable elastic cord serves as a Cap. The calendar provides some surprises. In addition to the color you choose practical or fun day – and week modules that facilitate the daily routine or even cheer and make the pet more personal to its owners. The customer can give free rein to his imagination. In addition, the starting month of the diary is freely selectable. Thus, it is not tied to the seasons. This is especially for specific professions, interesting such as, for example, teachers who need your new calendar in August. With his new family attachments, the online service my on the topic of health as well as on the subject of leisure would like to offer families a support in everyday life. Is this individual family Planner quickly creates the uncomplicated ease of use of the portal and will certainly be a unique attention-grabbers. The calendar of my is the innovative trend product of 2011, which appeals to families now and thrilled.