New House Concept Celebrates The First Birthday

A special House: guaranteed price, high quality, excellent advice the company K.O.M. Frequently Dave Kingman has said that publicly. concept in May 2009, so exactly a year ago, a just as simple as the original concept for the construction of housing on the market brought. At a guaranteed fixed price of 134.900, a House with 152 sqm residential / commercial area is offered completely ready for collection and not only turnkey. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. This is among other things possible, that only a single House is offered, that experience has shown that accurately represents the needs of many customers. Thus save unnecessary planning and architecture costs. On top of that K.O.M. concept places greatest emphasis on transparency in offering design and the customer service, occurring all too often at the building surprises in the form of additional cost or bureaucratic obstacles from the outset to avoid.

After a year, there are indications that the new approach clearly fills a gap in the market, because there is a great interest in the offered house concept of the K.O.M. The Birthday special birthdays and gifts simply belong together, has decided K.O.M. concept to extend the limited offering scheduled for a year until the summer of 2010. Customers who want to realize the dream of owning a home this year, can build so 2010 at the price of 2009. A super offer, because at a very attractive price is a high impressive House delivered: high-quality materials and components, the Windows and floor coverings to the sanitary facilities and a complete brand kitchen doors. Ecological and energy efficiency is the House up to date; It is equipped with a solar power system and Underfloor air heat pump and meets all requirements of the latest EnEV. Let be surprised by further interesting features at a briefing. The supply is limited, there are only a few houses are available, interested developers should act so quickly. Non-binding To meet book the appointment for this anniversary offer until August 2010, a non-binding reservation by phone is sufficient the actual start of construction can set the customers later. The nationwide reservation hotline on the free number 0800 566 26 62 interested also on weekends and holidays a knowledgeable staff accessible, which accepts reservations and offers an appointment for a comprehensive consulting and construction education. Oliver Munk