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It is critical then, if colleagues are attacked systematically, deliberately unlawful and over a period of time by other aiming to isolate those affected and in extreme cases to force the termination. Exactly, what is bullying? And how and when is it? What can I do if I become a victim of bullying attacks or others want to support, who have become the target? Where is there help? What structures help help, to prevent bullying? Answers to these questions get the participants on December 13 by 17-18 o’clock in the webinar, which will be moderated by an expert Diana Ochs. Diana Ochs is a compact u overview about the backgrounds of bullying and shows appropriate strategies to prevent bullying processes or to stop. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with VMWare. Participants of the webinars login free alias in advance about a link with one to the webinar. To participate in the webinars Users need only a Web browser, Adobe Flash Player and an active speaker on your computer.

Personal registration is not necessary. For more information, is the direct link to the Webinar: de / 28.html,v? = infoView 26845 please make a note of: career-week of November 15-19: per 18.-7p.m.: Personality to convince (direct link: de / 28.html,v? = infoView 26602) 16.11.2010 18-19: 00: the written application (direct link: de / 28.html,v? = infoView 26603) 17.11.2010 18.-7p.m.: apply at the booth (direct link: de / 28.html,v? = infoView 26604) 18.11.2010 18.-7p.m.: the interview (direct link: de / 28.html,v? = infoView 26605) 19.11.2010 18-19 h: career event Internet (direct link: de / 28.html,v? infoView = 26606) more information and event descriptions under A which is worldwide news and career portal for students and graduates and provides for greater transparency in the global labour market. Around employment and career planning, weekly NewsLetter, a virtual JobWall and webinars help daily news as well as audio and video podcasts to keep a u overview in the jungle of the worldwide career opportunities. In addition, there are international salary calculator, calendar, a database with global job markets and more than 11,000 international universities, training and scholarship providers and recommended books and eBooks for download as daily available information free of charge.