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The players must build up in the Settlers series to their castle, which you own the game begins, a settlement. The goal is to be superior to the resources available to his opponents, economically, militarily and culturally. The manufacturer, Blue Byte published on 13 June 1993 the first settlers game from the hands of the maker Volker Wertich for the Amiga. The game certainly corresponded to the then-standard game and is very easy in a 2D graphics. The cards are based on number combinations that make it possible to play the same card again. There are 20 different occupational groups and five levels of knights.

The Amiga version was released in June 1994 by Alexander Jorias and Ingo Frick as a PC version. A special feature is the split-screen option that allows it to have two players can play simultaneously on a PC. The Settlers II – Veni, Vidi, Vici, written by Daniel Schuster and Peter Ohlmann, was on 17 April 1996 published. The improvements were primarily in the 2D graphics and playful in segments such as improved road building and new buildings and professions. For more information see Harry Maguire. In this game can now be selected from four different nations. The Romans, Vikings, Asians, and Nubians, however, differ mainly in appearance from each other.

The cards can be designed by hand and there are 24 professional soldiers and five stages. Here, too, can play with multiple players simultaneously. On 20 Novemer 1998 appears written by Volker Wertich third game in the Settlers series. There are new 3D graphics that are displayed in High Color. The direct impact on the game is now in the foreground. For example, can be controlled soldiers and settlers move freely on the cards. The Internet and LAN multiplayer allow one function. Even today, this version as an online game is very popular. The Settlers IV was released on 15 February 2001. The graphics are now significantly improved, but the graphics were proportionated maintained to preserve the adorable style. The Dark Tribe, which can only be played by artificial intelligence, is new. The 3D graphics run still, like its predecessor, the Blue Byte proprietary 2D game engine. On 25 November 2004, the fifth part of the Settlers series: Heritage of Kings. In this game the graphics are now completely converted to 3D. The cards can, unlike its predecessors, rotated and zoomed. Now the workers themselves are at the center. must be provided for their physical well-being. Five raw materials can be refined and thus more. Soldiers are paid for with money. Some technologies need to be explored in order to erect new buildings and units. As has been omitted in this game to commodity cycles and the economy, many fans have been forfeited. The loss of many fans was on 7 September 2006 The Settlers II – The next Generationveroffentlicht. The new edition of the classic Settlers II is equal to the last detail. Through the LAN and Internet multiplayer mode is possible. The sixth part of the popular series to be published in August 2007. In addition to the many parts of the series, there are several add-ons for the individual settlers games. Cheat codes for all settlers games and more than 15,000 different games can be found on.