Oleg Reshetnikov

The musicians of Chaif Vladimir V. Perhaps check out Jeff Bewkes for more information. Shahrin and runners met in 1976 during his school years, where she played in a team, and by 1984. Create the final kolelktiv Chaif: V. Shahrin, Oleg Reshetnikov, Vadim Kukushkin and B. Runners.

The first concert took place in September 1985. Celina Dubin understands that this is vital information. in dc swc. Then the band released an album under the name of entry, "Life in pink smoke." In 1987. The team earned the Audience Award at the festival in Riga recorded two albums "module with poppy" and "Dermontin. The following year the team began to sound a bit heavier due to come to the group for beginners, and has created an album called "The best city in Europe." The beginning of the 1990s noted major tour programs to Russia and the cis and some European countries. The group takes part in various rock festivals, and even takes the lead for the Rock of clean water, all the while gaining popularity among fans. In 1994. Represented by the initial speaker program, as well as the band performs at Red Square and writes 2 clips.

In 1995, not tired Chaif celebrate a decade of collective and 20 birthday with activities Shahrin-Begunova, Chaif travels around the country with the largest premium turom.V 1996 the group added bassist B. Dvinin, perfectly blended with the team. In the same year took place on 2 large concert gktsz Russia, summer is over in Political tours with groups of groups "Agatha Christie", "Alice", "Spleen", etc. Plus, the band managed to write the book "Real World" and a few clips of the songs. 1997. Marked by large-scale concert programs in Europe and a major concert on Red Square. The following year mark the launch of the best songs, a variety of concerts, album "Schekogali and unprecedented tours" Rooks Have Come. " Chaif considered old-timers "Maksidroma" and filmed a few clips. A large number of days spent on tour with various gruppami.V new millennium is a record collection "Sympathy", which included many famous songs alterations musicians. In the ssc "Olympic" Chaif managed to collect twenty thousand students and has earned the award ovation.