A beatitude indicates happy are those who are conscious of their spiritual need. The truth, which is well known, the humanistic psychology was developed throughout the 20th century, unlike the two major psychological currents of the same century; such as psychoanalysis and Behaviorism, humanistic psychology places people at the Centre of interest taking as principles the following:-the person has the right to meet their needs. -The person has the right to be unique – the person has the right to be held. In this context Maslow speak of the pyramid of needs which are: 1 – biological needs 2 Security 3 – needs needs of membership 4 – recognition needs there are other authors who have given significant contributions in terms of personal growth is referred to as son. Alejandro Jodorowky; who says, that everyone receives what his mind accepts and wants, active imagination is the key to a broad vision, allows to approach life from point of views that are not ours, thinking and feeling from different angles.

When we are able to get out of one same to traverse the boundaries of small personal world to open up to the universe. Thomas Moore, for his part, author of care of the soul known tells us that when one lives according to the magic we let nature take its mysterious course, modest means we use to achieve great results. Enrique Barrios, author of the bestseller AMI, the child of the stars and others, says that free us from the limitations that our Western mind has put us, allows us an access greater than the realization of our projects, to which will also give our support to the manifested world and contribute to the decrease of their Wikipedia suffering in this regard, reminds us that for personal development or personal growth, means updating of human potential (spiritual and psychological) that the person can do beyond its natural development according to age. With personal growth work the person learns, through the consciousness of himself, to take advantage of its possibilities of thinking, feeling and acting for: use free or independent thinking. Mastering a responsible freedom, to be leader himself. Have emotional health. It is a different workspace which can do with psychotherapy, intended this to solve punctual problems. However, both types of work sometimes coincide and complement each other.

You could say, that psychotherapy is ordering something that is disorderly, i.e. the transition from disorganization to organization, the chaos to the balance, while personal growth tries to reach the fullness, i.e. Once you already have the Organization and balance develop own capacity for joy, vitality and creativity. A metaphor that can help distinguish psychotherapy from the work of personal growth work, is to imagine that each person has its own garden and is responsible for taking care of it. The work of psychotherapy consists of clean stones, shrubs and weeds, soil removal, plug holes, etc., that is, to leave the ground in good condition, while personal growth work consists in the ground being cleaned, watering and care for the best possible plants and flowers so that they grow up healthy and beautiful, express all its beauty to delight himself and others. * .