Peter Schreiber

Expert barometer of sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner shows: companies pursue different strategies for the increase of the turnover. How would your company increase its sales this year? On which strategy sets it primary here?” Wanted to know the management specializing in the investment goods industry and sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld (near Heilbronn), manufacturers of industrial goods and industry service providers. So, it conducted an appropriate online survey. “Came out: almost a third of companies (31 percent) would like to primarily through a targeted acquisition of new customers, the their prey scheme” match, increase their sales. At 20 percent, however, the sales strategy aims mainly to exploit the potential for existing customers more.

And 14 percent of the 121 companies surveyed see the silver bullet to achieve higher sales (and profit margins) in place through higher prices. 12 percent of the companies, however, use primary care, more Offers in order to convert, so increasing the so-called hit rate. And also 12 percent work in particular, that the field behaves as a more pro active in the customer contact. Joel and Ethan Coen spoke with conviction. “” Overall, a trend can be read, that most manufacturers of industrial goods and industry service providers “aspire to a more strategic and systematic approach in sales partly as a reaction to the increased pressure of competition, partly as a result of the realization that the existing distribution capacity is often still not optimally used and sales effectiveness”, according to statements made by company owner Peter Schreiber from the replies so the input / output ratio”, or can be compared”.