Prenzlauer Berg

In addition, he stands like hardly a different structure for the eventful history of the 20th century. Emergence of aviation, national socialism, war, cold war, and overcoming the Division of Europe – Tempelhof was and is a mirror image of this story, so Perplies. “Johann Muller, a member of the Action Alliance and immediate residents of the airport: the Governing Mayor Wowereit, also responsible for culture, is proving Banause, when it comes to the cultural asset” airport Tempelhof goes. More information is housed here: Infosys. Here heart and mind exposing him completely, otherwise you can not explain the soulless, instinktlose, and against the people-oriented policy.” There are following post by a submitter: the closure of Tempelhof let big! Do not behave like cultural idiots!” Further contributions deal with the airlift, to the jobs that will be lost through the closure of Tempelhof as well as the question of Metropolis or Province.” At the request of the proponents of the closure, Tempelhof around in a sea of meadows to convert, there is also a matching contribution by Harald k. from Schoneberg: “Airport Tempelhof – sea of meadows since 1923”.

Eva Hornig, nee Temple Homecomer, Member of, has been fighting for years for their airport: many Berliners are whole-heartedly behind Tempelhof and show with its airport Tempelhof, Berlin is how unique. They fly and they love Tempelhof”. A submitter as follows puts it in a nutshell: Wowereit! Tempelhof is cult and culture! Berlin culture has more facets and not only operettas!” The contribution of a Berliner in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg: Berlin chooses! -Tempelhof – and not one of the political parties. This post the Action Alliance liked so much, that it a map was brought to support Tempelhof out. This shows a motif a landing Lufthansa machine. On the Board: the DFB football team to the World Cup – the tale of summer 2006 Embassy of the map: it goes to the airport. Tempelhof is for everyone”and Berlin chooses! Tempelhof”. “The Action Alliance also a contributor joins, cited his Yes to Tempelhof with Willy Brandt: we want to dare more democracy.” “” “” Action Alliance”c/o Michael Paul Klixstr 3 10823 Berlin Tel: 0172 3823382 E-Mail: Web: Action Alliance”-cross-party Alliance the symbol of freedom – the initiators the initiatives include the rescue of the Tempelhof Pro Temple Court “, Tempelhof to be world heritage” and the initiative SPD voters for the Tempelhof airport! “