Real Plan

The interests are one of the factors most important for the development and growth of a country. In a country where the taxes of interests are high very cause great upheavals for the good course of the nation, affecting severely in such a way the private agents how much the public sector in a general way. High interests inhibit the investments of the private companies in reason of the taxes of loans to be very high, the public sector has that to incur into heavy expenses for payment of interests of its debt and the families and people in general they start to buy little in reason of the costs of the sales on credit and the expectation of loss of job or of the reduction of the incomes. These are only some of the problems caused for the politics of high interests. It is known that since the implantation of the occurred Real Plan in middle of 1994 that the basic interests of the Brazilian economy comes if keeping to a very high level, being always it enters the highest of the world and many times consisting as the most raised tax of the planet. It can if be inquired regarding the reason of the politics of the interests in Brazil to destoar even though of what it is practised in the entire world, in countries whose economy if constitutes in much more weak of what ours. Many explanations to this question exist, however, exist some that are unprovided of elaborated arguments more and others that well are based and that they deserve here to be detached. As it is known, the Brazilian economy historically passed for diverse moments of crises and for periods of inflation very high e, also, it had that to incur into a trick, when at the beginning of the decade of 1980 it interrupted for a period the payment of its external debt. .