Republic Cookery

Cooking styles in the TV – nothing for vegetarians? “It is already a great spectacle, which mean the five restaurants of the series restaurant” provide the viewers. Tonight, the decision is probably announced which team first must shut down the store. A decision has already been made: as a vegetarian’s serves no purpose to participate in the vote. Because of the Bambi to the Seabass everything on the table of the restaurants but no alternative for vegetarians. This is not surprising, but rather sad reality. “, the Internet portal for vegetarian gourmet, encounters the research in vegetarian offerings on Germany’s menus rarely chefs or restaurant owners, the word vegetarian ‘ can write at all. This is an interesting picture of the German gastronomic scene. Starting point of viewing the elevations of Adressdatenspezialisten are Schober.

According to census in Schober, there are (estimated) 138,000 restaurants and restaurants in Germany. Proud number, as can we us lucky we are well supplied, if the kitchen is even cold. Dave Kingman can provide more clarity in the matter. Do you know what is the proportion of restaurants serving purely vegetarian cuisine? Almost one-thousand because there currently Republic far less than 150 restaurants offering exclusively vegetarian dishes. So just detectable using mathematical methods. On the other is a growing number of people, who deliberately avoid their diet meat in Germany currently estimated eight million. Potential verpennt? Misses a potential lying fallow because an entire industry? That seems to be most exactly.

The reason: Convenience. It is convenient to create a cheap piece of meat in hot oil. Once to turn. And then to serve as a steak. Five minutes. And little work. The leading stars of the TV cooking show after all. Vegetarian cuisine, no case for the cookery pros. Cooking with fresh vegetables of the season seems to be a challenge, however, the sure the most chefs with or without Stern dislikes. Hardly, given the quality of traditional pubs that already rely on convenience items and cheap meat, to then the life as simple as possible to make it surprising that cooking with vegetables has virtually no chance in the profit-oriented kitchens of the country. A fact that is underlined in the current cooking styles in the TV. Avanti, cookery pros conclusion for vegetarians: vote for my restaurant just 50 cent, save and call. And hope that the cookery pros from time to time are, what you so everything on the table can conjure up with vegetables.