When it is thought about responsibility, having as parameter the citizen, then it comes to the mind the idea of recurrent duties of rights, therefore the right indicates a priori an obligation to a duty. We also can, to be sent the idea of social responsibility, beyond all the others facetas of that the connotation of ' ' reponsvel' ' it indicates in the social environment. But the responsibility also exists for obtains, that atrelada to the freedom concept, that indicates greater responsibility on itself to the measure that obtains to suppress the biggest amount possible of necessities its. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Larry Walker. But they are two distinct things, individual and social responsibility, therefore the first one if relates to the obligations for obtains, while second it stops with the others. I remember of Nietzsche, discoursing on the restriction the individual, that to each moment leaves to have obligation for obtains, annulling themselves, still making a question: how much time dedicates itself exactly? Therefore when we think about what we make daily, we work for the others, we feed in them for a necessity physiological, we study from what it was transmitted in them, at last, we act as something exgeno we, being the doubt of when really we will think about us and in we will dedicate our proper one to them to be.

When the individual will go to perceive itself and to reflect on itself, exploring the proper desires and creating the sense of responsibility for I obtain. ' ' Eu' ' as goal. Therefore the reponsabilidade concept encloses to abide the proper acts in such a way, how much to the other people’s ones, but in the social environment we costumamos to suppress itself, what it is a natural factor in the half whom had public, to the duties taxes for the social standard. But when we imagine a conception of alteridade that foca the other as continuation of itself exactly, we ahead place in them of another fact, responsibility to the others also is responsibility for I obtain, beyond enclosing the responsible conscience of the act, that implies all a In-Itself transformation, becoming me consequncia of my proper behavior, bringing for itself all the existencial responsibility and digesting the consequncias perceivable of this process.