SAP Arena Mannheim

There are all information about advance started and the tour stations in Germany now on Pink Floyd of published 1979 with the wall a concept album that should be writing music history. And now, on the 30th anniversary together with Roger Waters on the German stage come back will be. Additional information is available at Tim Raines. The wall is the world’s best-selling double album and was performed on several evenings in the 80s due to the expensive and rampant stage show in Los Angeles, London, New York and also in Dortmund. That the 2011 still will delight the masses wall, is out of the question. To help not only the timeless songs. It is expected that the live performance of this art-rock epic proved, will be to as also the expenses of the previous concerts in nothing. The live implementation of the wall at that time rather resembled a mixture of Rock Opera and musical. That’s why they miss not perhaps unique opportunity to experience a piece of rock history and of course Pink Floyd 2011. The stations are for the Germany tour 2011: June 03, 2011 in the SAP Arena Mannheim 04 June 2011 in the SAP arena Mannheim June 10, 2011 at the O2 world Hamburg June 15, 2011 in the O2 World Berlin June 18, 2011 in the Esprit arena Dusseldorf at you will find tickets to Roger Waters the wall 2011 for all categories and seats. Just start the seating plan booking and searching out the perfect place!