SerboCroatian Esotericism

Dobro do li na na astrolo ki i ezoterijski portal: sudbine map, Vidovitost, Proricanje & Savjetovanje za a’budu? nost in Germany live approximately 1.2 million people from the former Yugoslavia. To deepen your understanding Ken Singleton is the source. A special affinity to esoteric and astrological themes is rightly said to them. Esotericism and astrology have a very special meaning in their lives. In your old home is no matter whether in person, by phone or through the literature of course, the use of esoteric and astrological advisory services. Despite strong integration of this population group is and remains their mother tongue but Serbo-Croat. Contact information is here: rusty holzer. Of course to the one, just to the esotericism – Astrology consulting, familiarity in the language is particularly important. On the other hand, but also the personal backgrounds of life and roots for the mutual understanding and thus for optimum advice of particular importance are advising.

It is therefore to be welcomed, that it now also in Germany for the local Serbs, Croats, Bosnians or Montenegrins telephone esotericism and astrology advice are in their native language and also with advisors and consultants from the old country. following phone services via 0900 numbers or in discrete call by call method are offered under dwelling by consultants living today in the former Yugoslavia: Radoznali o budu? nosti Astrologija za po? etnike, Svijet.MP3 map tarota Tarot, horoscope, Gledanje u, Numerologija, Feng shui, ivotno savjetovanje Ljubavni partnerstvo horoscope. In addition a wide range offered speaking of esoteric and astrological consultations. Who want to use the services prefer prepaid about because 0900 numbers are locked in the Office or 0900 calls provided by his cell phone with high premiums, can this also ( The dial is possible via a toll-free 0800 number or a normal landline number. Hermann-Josef Piepenbrock